Sick six year old

Im jusy wondering if anyone else has been in this position before?? If so what was the outcome?

Would you be able to quantify and further describe the details on this?

I (as a parent) would 100% take her to a Doctor based on the description of the repeated vomiting.

This should be discussed with a doctor.

Absolutely a doctor.


I suggest not trying to diagnose your child although that is easier said then done.

The reality is there are far more possibilities than Diabetes. This is where you need an experienced and competent Pediatrician to look at everything that is going on and decide what additional testing may be relevant and what specialists should be involved.

If your child is sick then she needs medical care. Do not stop until you feel the situation is under control however do not push any one diagnosis (such as diabetes) as you then may be swaying the doctors to be looking at one thing rather than everything.

Personally, I would find the best Children’s Hospital that you can get to and go to the ER.
My opinion is that the best care is preferred over the closest care.


Thank you so much for your reply. I had her at the g.p yesterday and she brushed it off as dehydration but I know she isn’t dehydrated as she was drinking plenty.

Unfortunately here in NZ we don’t have children’s hospitals and to see a pediatrician is a 2 month wait time.

What is her diet like? Do you feed her enough carbohydrates? Is she getting an adequate amount of nutrition?

Hypogylcemia and high ketones tend to not occur simultaneously for people with Type 1 diabetes unless they’re on a low carb high fat diet. In that case, the ketones are not unhealthy. I think this may be different for children though because lack of carbohydrates can stunt growth.

As was recommended by @Tim35, I would take her to a doctor. Her symptoms sound quite unusual. It would probably be best for you to take her to a specialist if possible.

This is alarming though. Was it a high carb meal? Did you clean her fingers before checking? 11.5 is very high for someone without diabetes. The other blood sugar levels do not seem overly concerning to me. Her A1c is normal.

I was in a similar situation to you with my 5 year old. I had checked her blood sugar and could confirm that when she wakes up in the morning on some occasions she was hypoglycaemic and she’s not diabetic. I am diabetic and so was very worried that this could be indictating some very early difficulties in her endocrine system. On one occasion I checked her after such an episode, I think about 1 hr after and her blood was 11. Like you I feared diabetes. I had her a1c checked, normal result, still concerned I had her anti bodies checked through trialnet, normal results. Then brought her to endocrinologist who carried out a supervised fast and from this she was diagnosed with ketotic hypoglycaemia. I was advised that this is more common in smaller for age/skinnier children. They typically grow out of it by age 8 and in simple terms it’s an immaturity of the liver. I wouldn’t normally offer any medical advise but I think it is useful to be aware of this so you can ask your doc about it. Incidently my gp (family doc) knew nothing about this condition and dismissed my concerns. Endocrinologist was able to tell me straight away that he suspected this condition and within a week she was tested and it was confirmed. It was a big relief to be honest as it is easily managed and they typically grow out of it. Hope you get some answers soon to ease the worry.


She went off to school, when I asked the teacher she said that she didn’t eat all day but my wee miss wouldn’t tell me why, was pale when I picked her up, but normal energy. She sat down and ate some fruit and biscuits for afternoon tea and drank about 300mls of water.
About an hour later she started to get quiet and pale again, started complaining of a headache and getting sleepy looking. Took her blood sugar at 6.8.

My suggestion - stop the focus on the BG. Children have a much greater variable BG as compared to adults. Yes - it can be considered absolutely normal for a child’s BG to hit 200 mg/dl or 11 mmol/L after eating. Young children are not the same as adults and have a different range considered acceptable. That however gets into an entirely different debate that I strongly suggest you not get sucked into.

This does not mean that nothing is wrong with your child however. But a focus on BG can impede the search for the underlying cause.

My opinion is she absolutely needs to see a good quality medical team. Now.


Yeah, I agree the blood sugar wouldn’t be my concern. It would be the vomiting and the change in behavior. A child may not be able to tell someone what’s work but a change in behavior is always the trigger for me when my kids were little. And our doctor always told me to trust you instincts. You live with them everyday day, you know when something is not right.
And even adults without diabetes can bounce in and out of target once in awhile. Doctor visit is a must! And don’t let them down play your concerns.

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I have a question. Why would they be checking A1c to diagnose diabetes? Unless they suspect type 2, this doesn’t make sense to me. If the illness came on suddenly, then the A1c wouldn’t show any abnormality. Can someone explain?

I’m concerned about the dehydration. Headache and nausea are symptoms of dehydration. Its no good for peds.