Silly questions?

Hello all,
It is so nice to be back on this sight and I am learning more everyday. I have had T1 for 27 years now. You would think that I would know most D lingo, however I am clueless. I must ask, what does MDI mean? Basal testing? and bolus? Probably silly questions but it sure would be good to know. Thank you all for sharing your D stories, it is good to not feel so alone.

Hi Lefty: :)

Good to have you back. Welcome!

No silly questions that concern Diabetes.

MDI means Muliple Daily Injections also(Intensive Insulin Therapy) which you may already do.

Basal testing-

Bolus-is a dose of fast acting Insulin given by pump or injection.

Yep Terrie's right. Took me awhile to learn that too! LOL!

Thank you Terrie and Doris,
I do the MDI and therefore bolus. I take 4 insulin injections a day. I am reading about the basal testing on the site you gave me Terrie. Thanks for your responses both of you! Cheers

There are no silly questions, only people with silly faces :)

The description above makes it all seem complicated, but it really doesn't have to be. I like the description of basal testing from Gary Scheiner (author of "Think Like a Pancreas"). I would also add that as a veteran, you are "adjusting" your basal, not figuring it out from scratch. It can take days for a basal change to settle out. I will make a change and then see how it works over time. I may perform more than one basal test to actually confirm things, my morning numbers are often all over the map. And you should make small changes to your basal and look at the effect, perhaps 5%.

I could have sworn we had a list of acronyms/abbreviations/slang, but I can't find it anywhere, so going to start a thread with the ones I can think of.

Thank you bsc, I actually have the book "Think Like a Pancreas"....good to know that it may take a bit of time for the changes to take effect. jrtpup, a list of acronyms/abbreviations/slang would be great. I too have had a look for something like that, to no avail!!! Cheers everyone,