Site Only Works when Standing

Hi there! I’m new to posting on here so thank you in advance for the help/support.

I’m 28 weeks pregnant and for weeks I’ve been experiencing issues with pump sites. I typically use the Quickset, but for some reason on some sites when I inject insulin, it works only if I’m standing/walking around. Once I sit down/lay down, almost immediately my bg will begin to rise which makes no sense to me. Other site issues include having to lay down a certain way for the insulin to work. This is my second pregnancy and I feel like I had similar issues with my first, but it’s definitely gotten worse this time around.

My educator suggested I try sure-t as it’s and actual needle and I’ve had maybe have had 2-3 successful sites. I’ve been getting super frustrated, emotional cause I hate thinking I’m hurting baby with these higher glucose numbers that are out of my control. I’m on a cgm which I think has also elevated my anxiety. Anyone else experience something similar?


This is interesting, I have observed that if I sit down in front of the computer after a meal my BG will skyrocket but if I stand or lie down this doesn’t happen. Initially I thought it was because of lack of movement while sitting down but it doesn’t explain why it doesn’t happen while I’m lying down. I have no idea why, I’m just letting you know I have observed something similar to you - I’m not pregnant so mine isn’t related to pregnancy.


Hugs, I haven’t had that issue other than any activity has always helped insulin work better. We have so many constant variables it can be very frustrating at times.


Thank you for your insight! I thought it was the same thing due to just needing some activity. It’s just strange once I sit or lie down it just goes right back up.

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Are you type 1? Or gestational? Because if you have gestational diabetes, pressure on your pancreas is a large part of the issue, so it makes perfect sense that different positions give you different insulin uptake.
If you are type 1, then it won’t much matter.
Have you tried injecting with a syringe. If that works, then maybe you can really narrow it down to pump sites.

You can also take a breather regarding your baby. He or she won’t really be harmed by spikes, but instead might get heavier.
Then you could have a more difficult delivery. I wouldn’t worry so much about the baby unless you are constantly running very high.

Hi Timothy! I’m type 1. With my first he was born a healthy weight just needed a c section. Hoping baby #2 will be the same. It’s definitely pump sites it’s just hard to pin point where the bad ones are as I don’t feel lumps and scar tissue. I use sure-t sites here and there when my quicksets are failing me.

Ok, then you can ask your pump educator, the one who trained you, to give you samples of all the different types of sets.
If you are using sites where your skin is taught because of the baby stretching you, it could be the issue.

I did this and found the steel ones just didn’t work at all. The ones that go straight in, also fail because they hit muscle and bend.
I use the ones that are manually inserted on a steep angle.
Both Medtronic and tandem have them.
The site goes almost parallel to your skin, that could solve your positional issues.
You need to be ok with manual insertion though.
But maybe one of the others could work out for you too.


Interesting thanks Timothy! What is the name of the set you use for future reference?

I use auto soft 6 mm. That’s a tandem set. The silhouette is the same thing for Medtronic.


That’s definitely true for me too. I exercise after a meal and my bg eventually pivots and starts trending down drops. If my Bg nears going low, I sit down. After about 15 minutes my Dexcom will start creeping up as I’m still sitting, all this time I haven’t treated the low. It’s annoying the rebound.

You might try a longer cannula . I use a 9 MM cannula on my abdominal area and 6mm on my legs. If you are not getting decent coverage i have found that the 9mm version almost always works. You said you use quickset, You might try advanced Mio 9 MM. I believe you can ask Medtronic for samples.