Set sites

HI all,
I just came back from a doctor visit and they told me i have to move away from some of my sites. I frequently use the 2 inches on either side of my belly button and they are starting to build up. The np said this could be the reason for most of my highs, because the build up is making it harder for my body to absorb the insulin, or it is so built up its causing the canula to kink or "accordian". She said i can move further out or up but stay away from those particular sites for at least 6 weeks. Any suggestions? I also use my thighs. Anyone had good luck moving further to their sides? Im worried it may be painful because there is less "cushioning" (fat) in that area. Also worried about muscles and such. The NP said that anywhere is ok though. Just wanted some feedback from other actual pumpers! Any other completely different site suggestions also welcome! :)

I do the following rotation and change sites every 2 - 3 days:

  • Left lower stomach
  • Right lower stomach
  • Left upper stomach
  • Right upper stomach
  • Left lower back
  • Right lower back
  • Left buttocks
  • Right buttocks

This gives me 12 - 18 days before I repeat an area, plus I try to have some variability within each area.

FWIW, I am pretty thin, but I am able to find spots that are non-muscular (maybe I need to go to the gym more!). I have used my thighs, but find the feel of the tubing running down my leg a little wierd.


I also have used hips with good results.

I use my hips and my belly. You just need to be sure your belt line is not going to rub on it, so a little below the belt line is good I have also had good results on my tricep area, and then thread the tubing down my sleeve. I gave up those sites when I started CGM. I prefer the backs of my arms for CGM because it stays in place better.

Thanks all! I will give these a try :slight_smile:

Mike's recommendations are sound, plus the rotation plan will spread things out nice an evenly. I go from near the belly button to above my buttocks on either side. Try not to stay in one place too long and try to give a site time to recover.

Personally I am reluctant to change sites sometimes since I may end up having to change the set 2-3 times to ensure I've not landed in some used, scarred area. Keep rotating!

Will the "pockets" ever go away? maybe this is a stupid question but now that the NP pointed them out i do notice how they puff out a bit.

Hi there Amanda! i was in exactly the same boat as U just a little while ago. i am very thin and have little body fat for comfortable injection sites. for some reason (no clue why), the R side of my belly never hurt when i inserted the canula, so i useed the same spot over and over again. i ended up w/ scaring and my side looks like a poccadot w/ a lg family. my side even developed a sort of love handel where i had been inserting. UGH.
my endo kept telling me to change sites, but i am a beligerant D. i couldnt tolerate the pain.(which is ironic, b/c when i was still using syringes, i could inject anywhere w/out pain). on this site, i learned about some other options, and the very best one i received was to insert in my tushy (where i definately have the most fat!) i thought at first that it wouldnt work (pulling down pants to P, etc,) but its been wonderful, easy, no pain, no scar tissue. and the easy insertion is easy as pie. give it a try. good luck and let me know if this is at all helpful! Daisy Mae.

from what I can tell they go away, but it takes a while. I've had some build up around above my buttocks. I didn't track the time, but after a while I tried the site again and they seem to be good. I'd say lay off for at least 6 months before trying the site again. Bare in mind, YDMV.

I am very pleased with the great feedback! Actually excited to try new sites and get my levels under conotrol! I love this site :)

I just posted this earlier

I am new to the site and I have been pumping for 3 years, but I received a card with rotation instruction that I have adjusted a bit. SO here it goes. You select your areas and rotate clockwise around your body using each area in a triangle pattern that does not overlap. For example: I have four areas right now. My left ab, right ab, right flank, left flank. (in that order). Using this rotation schedule (changing every 3 days) I stay in a spot for 9 days but do not return for almost a month or more (imagine a triangle on your ab, where the tape does not overlap the insertion points...also when /i come back to the spot I can shift this triangle a bit to the right/left/up/down to avoid the insertion points I used the last time I was there). This gives each spot a decent amount of time to heal. If you increase your spots (thighs, hips...) you can increase the time between spots. Feel free to ask questions:)

Also for finger sticking. I use one finger a day. I found that I would always overuse my favorite fingers but it easy to remember the "finger of the day". I start on the lower side of the finger pad and continue in an arc pattern(up to 6). You dont return to a finger for a week (definitely enough time for healing).

Again. questions welcome!

ihave had the same experience with my doctor regarding my sites. i used my tummy every time. i dont know why it never hurt there, b/c i have no belly fat; it was just comfortable and an easy place to attatch my pump. when i got on this forum, i learned a lot about site rotation, and despite being a pumper for 11+ yrs, i have never had better control. i do my tushy, my sides, my thighs...

no more insulin resistance at all, and no more of those silly dots (scars) all around my waist.

good luck

I tend to concentrate on one side at a time---I move from the far left (or right, depending on the side) side of my lower stomach toward the belly button. I was always told to never insert within 1 to 2" of the belly button for some reason I can't remember. Then I move about two inches down the lower stomach and move from the belly button back to the far left (or right.) I can find about 12 sites this way. I wear my infusion sets for 4 days, so that is almost 7 weeks. Then I switch to the other side and do the same routine. Once in a while, I will hit a bad site and change the set if needed.

How in the world do you inject these in your back or rear end? I have tried that, but have never been comfortable either inserting the canula or reconnecting the tubing after a shower.

Thanks for the tips! I too am unsure how to go about using my back or rear....the thought makes me nervous becuase im afraid i may sit on it or yank it with my pants because i would forget its there. How can it be comfortable? And you are right, it would be hard to SEE!

I have far to the side I put it cause I'm so thin that the canula bends when I bend and causes it to kink up...I where my sites all over though the best place for me is my thighs inner or outer,less kinks happen there.

i change my infusion set every other day. i find putting just a little Novolog in my resevoir keeps me rotating my sites, b/c my "alarm" goes off for the "low resevoir." since i've been using a site so briefly, my insulin resistance has dissipated. (i am also very careful about those pesky air bubbles, too, though)