Sitting in the office...waiting for results a fun poem(if you can all it that--I think you'll relate)

I ususally go through all these emotions and thoughts everytime I wait for results

So I’m sitting in the dr’s office
having just been ushered in
I’m looking round the room
…magazines are pretty slim

Women’s Day, People, Glamour…PLLeeeaasse
Wheres Bass world, Business World…
What’s a guy supposed to read?

So I’m looking at the charts
on the cold and stoic walls
seeing all the stuff I can contract
Unless my a1c’s fall

Neuropathy, heart disease
Renal failute too
Retinopathy, DKA,
just to name a few

Hmm…I think that in the last few months
I’ve been doing pretty well
I know I could do better
only time will tell…

"Wow, it’s really cold in here"
did I say that aloud?
The nurses probably think I’m whacked
…here talking to myself

C’mon baby… let em be right
let the numbers be in line
I know the math really matters
If I’m to get through life just fine

New sounds from the hallway
the chart slides from the door
the doorknob twists quickly
the moment I’ve waited for

Why hello Mr Hawkinson
how are you today?
Why I’m fine…thank you doc

“Lets take a look—”
…hmmmm lets see how you’ve been doing
you know your fingersticks are pictures
…your A1c’s the movie

Hey hey good news …A1c’s look good
even though youve gained 4 pounds
I think you’re gettin the hang of this
after 44 years —it sounds…

OK I promise to do better
and only eat what I should
I’ll exercise and lose some weight
only lettuce and carrots for food

Yeah right, doc says,
You know …I’ve been seeing you for years
you have the right attitude
and you’ve been blessed with health it’s clear

…but this disease can be cummulative
damage adds up over time
which is why I always encourage you
to strictly walk the line

I know, I know …
I should always do my best
but life just seems to happen
sometimes you need a rest

…well take a break when you need to
based on how you feel
but jump back in and get it right

Ok doc I’ll take your advice
Your direction I will heed
Next visit my numbers will be better
I’ll be your “Noble Steed”

Okay Mr. H well see ya later
lets see you in 4 months
by then I expect you’ll have lost the weight
of course…that’s just a hunch

So out I go … into the world
recalling what she said
4 lbs isnt much and easily lost
…but hey…Is it Lunchtime yet

this is nice…i can relate to the 'waiting" where you sat in the exam room by yourself, with nothing to divert your attention from, except for the old magazines, charts on the wall,etc… i sometimes use my cellphone, text message anyone i can think of… aggghhh… this is the part i hated when goin to my endo, the waiting seemed to be endless…and when they came in, it wont take an hour, well, on the other hand, im grateful he wont spend long hours with me, talkin how bad the numbers are, and any other bad things that could happen…thank God im blessed with good lab reports so far…