Skin Irritation using Omnipod

Hi guys, I just started the OmniPod about a week ago. Since then my control has been great and it’s made me really regret not having got it years before. However, I do have a problem with skin irritation or allergies similar to a few others on the board. I’ve begun using 3M Tegaderm, which is a protective film barrier which will hopefully keep me from getting a rash, but I was curious to know how others have been using it;

Q: How do you cut out the Tegaderm where the cannula/needle is supposed to come out? Or do you simply trust the cannula/needle will pierce through the Tegaderm and reach you.

I don’t know if you’ve tried cutting Tegaderm but it’s a bit difficult when it sticks to whatever you’re using to cut it with. Since the cannula/needle seems to use a good amount of force, I’ve been meaning to try to just let the pod pierce through the film. But i’ve already had an experience with very high blood sugar for long hours, due to wearing a pod with a failed cannula. I really want to avoid that if I can.

Bump? Doesn’t anyone use skin barriers?

I don’t, but recently I’ve experienced some MAJOR irritation on my arms. This may be because they used to be my prime spots and they just didn’t heal completely before putting on a new pod. My doctor took a look the other day and noted that there was skin hardening and it looked a little like eczema.

My other spots are fine though, skin wise. The occlusions are another story!

We have been dealing with this for the past 4-6 months. Multiple different trials, some with temporary effects but the rashes keep coming back. My gut tells me it is production issue problem with the omnipod being made in China and the ‘Hypafix’ adhesive being from there. We have called Omnipod–not much help. Going on shots for a while to let things heal. Love the pod–but the rash would not let up.

I use Smith and Nephew skin-prep… but more than the adhesive, I have negative results when I rip the pod off without using an adhesive remover…
I’m going to refer you over to the OmniPod Group
There have been a few people with questions regarding skin reactions, and a lot of other discussions too!

Good luck!

it’s not a bacterial process, but an allergic contact dermatitis reaction to the adhesive. Skin preps didn’t help. The reaction starts while still on the pod (day 2, now day 1). At this point, avoidance and time.

Ditto on the skin irritation. I’ve been using the Omnipod since October of 2008 and never had an issue. Now, I’m getting a rash every time I deploy to a new site. I haven’t talked to my doc about it yet as it just started happening about 6 weeks ago. I will continue to research a possible solution.