Skin prep question about OmniPod

I’ve been using the OmniPod since 12-15-2008 and have always experienced some skin irritation. Most times it is tolerable, so I put up with it. However lately I’ve been experiencing irritation and itching that seems to originate under the pod. So I ordered “No-Sting Skin-Prep” protective wipes from smith&nephew. I wanted a barrier of some kind that would allow good adhesion, but yet not irritate my skin. I’ve also tried tegaderm underneath the pod and the only type of tegaderm I can tolerate is the Tegaderm HP (hypoallergenic version) - which is not easy to find, even online.

I’ve used this product on two different occasions and both times the pod seems to have less adhesion than when I don’t use it. Does that make sense to anyone? This morning after my shower, the pod was loose and simply fell off - no alarm, no warning…just fell off. As a result, since I had just applied the pod yesterday, I lost the insulin in the pod. I must admit that I have zero success in retrieving insulin from an old pod. I’ve used both regular insulin syringe and the syringe that comes with the pod package…same story.

If anyone has any tips that may help me, I would appreciate you sharing them.

When I started out with the pod I experienced skin irritation which was not tolerable. A fellow TU member recommended not to use alcohol to prepare the site. I skipped the alcohol. The skin irritation is gone.

I had a lot of skin irritation with my previous pump. My CDE suggested putting on my infusion set after showering with soap and water (no skin prep, alcohol wipes, etc.). It worked so well, I only put my pod on after a showering.

hi mayumi! i don’t know a solution for you, but just wanted to say the same thing happened to me with the skin prep! my pod fell right off on the beginning of day 2 (in the shower/after the shower) two days in a row. so, you are not the only one! hope you find something that works for you! keep us posted!

Mayumi, While I’ve only had one pod ever fall off without being bumped into something real hard or soaked in water for extended periods I can say that one of the reasons I use the skin prep is it seems to make pod removal easier for me. Without the skin prep the pod rips at my skin a lot more when I take it off. I’d never considered this as “less sticky”, just as a smoother removal. Perhaps next time I go into the water for extended periods I’ll try not using the skin prep and see if I can keep the pod on longer that way!

Rebecca, I use Uni-Solve to remove the pod. The pod comes off really easy.

Helmut ~ I’ve tried Uni-Solve as well and I agree that the pod comes off really easy. How do you get rid of the ‘residue’ left on your skin by the Uni-Solve?

At first I used one Uni-Solve to remove the pod and another one and paper towels to get the residue off. Recently I optimized the procedure. I squeeze the Uni-Solve liquid onto the adhesive to remove the pod. The Uni-Solve pad never comes in contact with the goo. After the pod is removed I use the still clean Uni-Solve pad and paper towels to remove the residue.

Ah Yes…I’ve never thought of doing it that way. Thank You for your kindness in sharing your tips.

You are very welcome.

HI Mayumi, I am on the Pod and have really bad allergies to any type of adhesives, even bandaids! I am using Coloplast, Shield Skin by Mentor. I do not have any more allergiic reactions. I highly recommend using this. It is not expensive and you can find it on line as a google search!

Hi Mayumi. I have an allergy to bandaids and have had some irritation with the pods. It hasn’t irritated me enough yet to try this, but my CDE told me to spray flonase on the area and let it dry before adhering the pod. Not sure if you have to have a Rx for Flonase, but a CDE could probably write one for you…

I do not use alcohol, but the S&N Skin Prep. I do not use the Tegaderm or the IV3000 on top of that (I used to have to for my skin sets with the tubed pumps - go figure). Now I just place the omnipod directly on the skin with the dried skin-prep on it. Have no problem with it staying on.