Sleep Apnea

The doctor’s claim that I have sleep apnea. According to them -I want to do a little research before “beleiving”- sleep apnea can cause insulin resistance. Let’s see.

Hi Ivan,
I have severe sleep apnea and have been on a cpap machine for over 6 years. I can’t speak towards the insulin resistance, but, having sleep apnea caused me to gain weight, have an enlarged heart and high blood pressure. I know these things for a fact because since being on the machine my blood pressure is 117/70 most times, my heart has returned to a normal size and I lost weight after starting on the machine. I am a type 1 diabetic and my insulin needs decreased because of the weight loss. Just my 2 cents worth!

Hi Ivan-

Have you had a sleep study done or did the doc just DX you? Here is a link to a forum that was started by one of our members and it talks about sleep apnea. Good luck and I heard that if you have sleep apnea the Cpap machine really works. Please keep us posted…

I had the sleep study. Everything was very pro. UPMC is a great hospital and I am not complaining about the doctors. I mean to hear that sleep apnea may cause insulin resistance is a little harsh. But the doctor’s are trying everything to control my sugar levels. I have slept better since I am using the biPap. My wife is even happier. She hasn’t thrown out to the living room in over a week! She does because I used to snore like Godzilla LOL

I guess in the end I am better with the machine. The doctor and I used to think that my constant tiredness was related to the diabetes but in the end it was the sleep apnea.

By the way I am using a biPap not a cPap. The difference uses a different inspiratory and expiratory pressure and the cPap uses the same pressure for both.