Sleep: Interrupted

I've been on the pump for almost six months now (it'll be six months in four days). With all that has happened in the past few weeks I feel as if the Insulin Pump Gods are trying to throw every possible experience at me before the six-month mark!

Last week my pump got water in it ad I had to go back to shots for about three days while I waited for a replacement. I've found at least one infusion set that I'm fairly sure I'm allergic to (it gets incredibly itchy after just one day). And last night I had my first insulin delivery problem.

I went to bed at about 11:30pm with a blood sugar of 7.3 (131 mg/dl). Around 3:00am I woke up feeling ... well, horrible. I was queasy and knew immediately that I was high because a) I had to go to the bathroom (I'm pretty sure that's what woke me up) and b) I wanted a drink of something badly. I figured I better test and see what damage was done, figuring I might be 13 or so (low 200s mg/dl).

Nope: 19.5 (351 mg/dl), and barely three hours after being 7.3. That wasn't right.

I went to the bathroom and, not really thinking about it (mostly because the vial of strips was there) tested for ketones. I didn't really expect anything and was actually surprised when it immediately turned pink! Well, that wasn't right, either. I went and got a glass of water, back in my bedroom used my Precision Xtra meter to test for blood ketones, just to convince myself that the Ketostix had really changed colour. Yes: a 0.6 flashed back at me, which for ketones is high according to the Precision Xtra product literature.

Okay then. Three o'clock in the morning, not feeling too great, with high blood sugars and ketones. After everything else that happened last week, I actually stayed perfectly calm. I gave myself a correction shot with an insulin pen, changed my set, filled a new cartridge with insulin and changed the tubing. I checked the old cartridge and tubing for bubbles but found none. My site (which I'd just put in that day) seemed fine, and seemed to have been working fine earlier. The insulin could have overheated, but the past few days hadn't been as hot as last week had.

I debated staying up to make sure my blood sugar was coming down, but I was feeling really tired and queasy so decided to go back to sleep. My pump alarm woke me up an hour later to tell me my last blood glucose had been high. I retested and was relieved to see 12.7 (229 mg/dl). I was coming down. I took a few moments to do another bathroom trip and get another glass of water. By 7:30am when I woke up my blood sugar was 6.2 (112 mg/dl) and the ketones were gone.

Quite a night. I have no idea what went wrong, but I'm almost glad that it's happened. (Before starting on the pump the idea of something "going wrong" while I slept terrified me.) I'm glad I woke up, and even though I felt crappy it was easy enough to deal with. I can't help but wonder if anything else will be tossed my way in the next four days. I almost feel like a veteran and I haven't even hit the six-month mark!

Yikes. I hate those days, especially when there’s no obvious answer to what happened. I hope you’re feeling better now and don’t have an overnight-high hangover! :slight_smile:

I’m allergic to just about everything. Can’t use tapes like Tegaderm or Polyskin II without actually blistering in two hours. I was worried I’d never be able to wear an infusion set. The Silhouette sets (the long needle inserted at an angle ones) turn my skin bright red and ITCHY in less than 24 hours. Can’t use them at all. The only ones I’ve found that are ok are QuickSets. (I use a Minimed pump.) One trick for sensitive skin that works well for me is to clean your intended site as usual, then rub on a thin layer or anti-allergy cream or gel (not ointment/salve, though!), like Benadryl or similar. Hydrocortisone ones work too. Some brands are greasy, though, you have to try them to find out. I then let the gel/cream soak in and dry for a few minutes before inserting the infusion set. I use the stuff again after I’ve removed it. Helps a lot.

About the high… ugh. That’s happened to me about 3 or 4 times since pumping. Usually just a bad infusion site for some reason, like it just refuses to absorb. That is such a horrid feeling. Dry throat, dry mouth, headache, nausea. Eeek. I’m getting sick just thinking about it…

Wow Jennifer! That is quite a load to carry on your back.I have epilepsy on top of the diabetes.It is under control pretty well.I have about 2 seizures a month.I know what you mean with those blood sugar readings.It seems that everything evolves around it.Before I got serious with the diabetes I was getting sick with ketones.It is an awful feeling.I go to my endo in May of 08 to get started on pump therapy.I hope that things will go a little smoother for me.Take care.