Slightly expired one touch ultra strips?

I have some one touch ultra strips that expired in April. Does anyone know if it’s risky to use them or if I can donate them anywhere? I use a dexcom so only use my meter occasionally.

No problem, you can use expired one touch ultra strips. Normally when upgrading to Dexcom, people also upgrade their meter to the contour next one meter as it is far more accurate than the one touch ultra. Medicare patients get one issued with their first Dexcom kit. But even self pay, the contour next 0ne meter is only about $10 delivered from Amazon.

Thanks! I actually have a contour as well, but have a ton of both expired and unexpired one touch strips I eventually need to use so figured I’d see what to do about the expired ones.

A few years ago, when I still had both, I used the expired ones as spares in the office and the car and kept the contour at home. That way I was not wondering if my last test was on Contour or One Touch as it was easier to remember when the test strips were in 2 separate locations.

I’ve used the One Touch strips a couple of years past the expiration date and they were fine. I compared them to make sure against the contour reading periodically and they were always within a couple of points. I had a boatload as they used to send me 3 months worth of 8 times a day testing and I switched to a Dexcom. So then I only tested to calibrate and check it off and on. Somewhere along the line I also acquired a Contour.

I have a Contour, but I also still use One Touch Verios. My One Touch have always read within a few points of the Contour.