One Touch Ultra Link

Im getting my pump next Monday. I changed insurances and my insurance no longer covers Bayers test strips, so I cant use the contour link. and the strips my insurance covers is accu-check, or one touch. So I'm looking for a One Touch Ultra Link meter but cant find one at all. looks as if they stopped making them. Does anyone know where I can get one?!


This is the 2nd time I've had to feel bad that I gave my Ultra Link back to my CDE when I ended up getting rid of my pump (because I hated it) . I fought for one because I had bad luck with a bayer contour next before (didn't pick up a low, made me nervous to rely on one with a pump and give myself far too much insulin) , and I'm biased to one touch meters.

Maybe ask around at your endocrinologist or diabetes educator's office? I had a medtronic guy to deal with who was trying to get me a 2nd one as my CDE wanted me to have two and she only could give me one as that's all she had , too. If nothing else , ebay? Use your one touch ultra meter as an unlinked meter? (this is possible but your pump trainer might be like mine and insist you use a linked one, when using an unlinked one is super easy too and it's just one extra step) The last resort is also asking your insurance to cover the bayer contour next strips on medical necessity.