I was so good with my diet when I was first diagnosed. Oh yes, I dropped my former bad-companion sugar that very day. Co-dependent no more! Like ditching a bad boyfriend, it was so liberating. I cut out the junk food, started walking everywhere and fear was the little angel on my shoulder saying “Don’t eat that; it is dangerous – bad for you. Think about your blood sugar.”

That was the first three months and then I ate a single Reese’s Peanut Butter cup and survived everything was downhill from there.

Since then I’ve just been trying to get my totally healthy mojo back but believe me this has not been easy. Has anyone else gone through this? Any other veggies out there or is everyone else going low carb?

My belief is anything in moderation is fine. And in fact my first endo told me I could eat 7 pieces of cheesecake if I wanted to…to just bolus enough. Last night I had a zinger. Just one and today I had a salad. Moderation is the key I believe. Good luck to you!

Hi Melissa! I was diagnosed just 2 weeks before you! I went through the exact same thing about 6 weeks ago. I had achieved pretty consistent control with really safe food. Then I guess I got pretty lucky with early experimentation and thought, “hey, I’ve got this, I’m going to broaden my horizons a bit!” But then my numbers started getting all over the place so I STOPPED having an ice cream sandwich every night! I mean, pre-diabetes, I NEVER ate ice cream every day. I mean, NEVER. Like a few times a month, max. But then I was getting so excited that I COULD cover it, that I felt like I had an obligation to “treat myself” to something special…I mean, my whole life has turned upside down for goodness sake! But anyway, once I realized that I ultimately felt better when I ate safer things, and those treats were really meant to be “treats” not everyday food, I’ve gotten my control back to where it was…and I think I do feel better… So you are absolutely not alone! I’m sure the diabetes veterans will have much to say on this, but from someone diagnosed as recently as you…I’m going through the same thing!

Wow! You lasted 3 months? I couldn’t even do that! I did more like two months, then I slipped, BG went up. Then I got sick BG went up, then the monthlies. . BG went up. Now, I’m thinking, hey, it’s already up there. . where are the oreos! I did, finally, have some reading I was happy with this weekend, but it’s taken a couple of weeks of deprivation and working out like a maniac. I’m doing low-carb, but not a big meat eater. . so I struggle with the diet. But, I need to get the hang of it, that’s all I’ve got right now. So, unless I want to run a marathon to work off the BG, I’m eating low carb.
It’s funny you mentioned it was liking breaking up with a bad boyfriend. I just updated my profile on dlife and wrote a Dear John letter to my beloved chocolate. It’s tough!

I too have a need every once in a while for a Reese’s bar, it has the proper balance for sugar and protein. I used to eat 4 king sized ones a day when I was working a very fisical job. I had the problem when I walked past the fresh donuts at Safeways and I got to the point of “Looking, no touchy” to “needed now” and when I needed it i found out that my blood sugar was below 70.
When I diagnosed in 91, I was already drinking diet pop. But it is like kicking a bed partner out of bed every morning. You love it to death, but it is death if you dont kick it out.

I’m not a veggie but there are always other ways that a diabetic can get the needed items to keep a balance on your levels.

Melissa I am a T2 so may not have the same issues as you but I was good the first year then took an almost 2 yr break. I have been back to being good since Sept 1 and have also lost 19 lbs. I know that I can not keep “junk food” in the house because I will eat it. What I have found is 3 things. Jello has out a new chocolate sugar-free prepackaged in cups mousse that is 60 cal and 10 carbs. I usually have one every night. If I don’t have that then I will treat myself once in a while and have pillsbury mini brownies. They come with 2 trays in a box so you can make 6 at a time (a serving is 2 at 150 cal and 22-25 carbs), since there are 3 people in the house currently it works out great because there is only 1 serving made for me at a time. The other is something I found at Central Market called magic pop. The closest thing I can describe it as is like a rice cake but not. It is about 5 inches in diameter has 15 cal and 5 carbs per cake. I use a spray margarine and sprinkle cinnamon and sweetner on it and it is great. I am going to try to see how they go with salsa. Otherwise I do try to limit my carbs, I am usually under 150 carbs for the day. If I don’t plan some sweets into my diet I have a tendency to binge once in a while and once I go down that slippery slope it is hard to climb back up and be good.

I think we all have gone through this at one point of another since being first diagnosed. The first piece of advice I give you is dont beat yourself up for not keeping up. It happens to the best of us. I relapse every once in a while. tiramisu is my weakness. I dont seek it but when my wife picks up italian she manages to bring it home. She’ll take two bites and leave the rest in the fridge. That is when my moment of weakness kicks in. I’ll kill the whole thing and then i am like 270. Since I dont use insulin and I am on pills I then have to go excercise for about an hour to bring it down.

Now my suggestion. Balance your diet and dont be drastic about your changes. I used to be really drastic about changing my diet and then I would lose it. I found it over the years to balance diet but I do have some treats everyonce in a while. I get to eat some goodies when I am going to be on a bike for a while. So things that I learn is pick an excercise that makes you happy. Eat a balance diet. Moderation is the key. Have the peanut butter cup everyonce in a while but not always. I have candy all over the house but I dont have a lot of temptation to that stuff. Go slow with trying to get back into the health kick. Someone once told me that diabetes is like a marathon not a fast race. So take time getting back into, make small changes and those small changes will eventually lead to bigger changes. take care