Learning each day

I have had a few bad days which might end up being good! Part of the reason I became diabetic is because I have an eating disorder. I used to be bulimic but now am just a binge eater. I am slowly getting better. I am also the type person who has to understand everything fully. So just regulating my diet hasn’t worked for me yet. Now I test my sugars soooo many times a day that I am beginning to understand the effect different carbs have on my blood sugars.

My thin-healthy husband loves chocolate (and sweets) but of course one bite satisfies him. He often comes home with some good dark chocolate. He puts it on top of the refrigerator where I see it when I want to fall off the wagon! It drives me crazy. I can have the stuff in the house but it has to be out of sight to be out of mind. Today he came home with a Turtle Cheese cake… I thought I was going to kill him. I had made a nice fruit yogurt snack for us all and he does that. We also have a son that we are worried about his weight… I tried to explain again how hurtful that is… to bring home something I love but can’t have. Not only will everyone have a piece but there is so much left over that they will want one every day until it is gone… I explained this to him… He cut it up and packaged it so that we could put it in the freezer and have the right portions the next time we want a special treat! That is working with me… not against! I was so pleased… Progress~

Thank you Mary for writing this.