Small Introduction about me [MikFly]: "Mike" Type1 Diabetic diagnosed "summer of being nine"

Hello fellow Diabetics,
and parents, siblings, family of all types

My History
Diabetic Type1 since 9yrs old. When I got sick of the doctors/nurses injecting me Iinsisted on doing it myself. I’m sure my mom/dad appreciated that they wouldn’t have that burden to worry about, I’m sure they had enough to worry about me staying in good health & control and getting all the prescriptions filled/refilled.

I Enjoy teaching people about diabetes when they ask about it and try not to give them too much info or scare them. As a young’n I desired to work in healthcare field. Wanted to become a doctor even took AP Bio in High School when DNA sequencing was a thing. Math nerd geek enthusiast since elementary aka primary school -Does College qualify as tertiary school?-.

Fell in love with Geometry, Earth Science/Geology, Biology, Physics, Engineering in that order. You probably know or are the type who loved to take things apart and hopefully put them back together after learning or trying to learnhow they work. I feel the best ways to learn besides watching demonstrations is by doing. Although I graduated with a BS from college/university, the majority of my actual learning was done on the Job.

I chose to persue Mechanical Engineering as a career because I love making things and wanted to design roller coasters someday. Don’t know if I ever will do that but I can still ride them if I don’t. My first job out of College was at a company doing Engineering Analysis for the Aerospace industry. I was doing the MCAD or Mechanical CAD (Computer Aided Design) to create the computer models used for Performance and Lifecycle analysis done to calculate how long the turbine blades would last. I also did some work for the Forging Industry, Johnson & Johnson, and a company that designed the housings for FastTake and several other diabetes test meters and lancing devices. I was not working on those projects but the number of devices shown in the lobby area I used as a diabetic amazed me.

I love Music of all types. Don’t particularly like country music but I don’t absolutely rule it out. :slight_smile:
Can read music well. Play percussion Timpani & can play the drum set.
Singer boy soprano(child) Bass 2 (now). Low Cs are fun
Enjoy/ed Class clowning, Improv Comedy, making puns, walking, skateboarding, biking, public transportation w/wo schemes, hiking, urban adventuring, kyaking, bit of Beer-Snob if needed but still love me a PBR from time to time.

Used AccuCheck, FastTake, OneTouch Ultra&Mini, Freestyle meters
Actual Syringes & Vials long & short (12,6)mm needles.
Insulin Pens Solostar & KwikPen (6,4)mm needles
Currently use MDI 6-8 Lantus on 12hr alternate dosing scheme
Better variabillity for activity changes for sickness/exercise, instead of dosing every 24hr

GeneralPost included below may be posted in the pump users groups for different models to get all around responses without too much fanboy/fangirl influence.

I’m going to start using a pump and am looking at a few older/newer models. Snap , T:Slim , Medtronic a few othersmentioned here and other places. Like a tested & stable model that’s user friendly. Pretty good at learning neww devices with little to no assistance. Because using a pump will be a major change for a pump newbie like myself, I appreciate any help suggestions, advice anyone can offer. I’ll be looking out for issues with rewinding, priming, air bubles I know of so far andwill have my pens as backup.

Thanks a lot,
Mike - (MikFly)
Jan 25, 2015
Began writting morning ~10am post
Browser crash ~3pm
Final Thoughts ~5pm

welcome mike
thanks for letting us know you / what you are
you'll love the pump
i have medtronic 523
T1 since 1936

Welcome Mike! It was great meeting you in the chatroom!

Welcome, Mike! I enjoyed reading your story.

Don’t rule out tubeless; the Omnipod rocks!