Hey! I am suffering from type 1 diabetes from past 10 years. I want to become a physician. But my family physician suggested me not to do so because there is a lot of stress in this profession. What do you say? If not this then should I choose management or biotechnology?

DO NOT LET THAT IDIOT STOP YOU!!!! If you want to be a physician GO FOR IT!!! I know many docotrs who are Type One and not only successful but GREAT at what they do!!! One example is my Endo! SH ehas been Type 1 for 28 years and went through med school and everything and is now working in diabetes! She is the best Endo because she knows all about it and understands it! She said Med school would have been easier if they had pumps and cgms back then though! She managed to get through it and do well. She said it was not always easy but definately possible for any Type 1 who is motivated! Don't let Diabetes stop you from anything! In fact the only jobs we can't have are pilot, astronot, and bus driver. If a Person With Diabetes can climb mount everast you can be a doctor.

seems like you may need some inspiration! check out!

a great Person With Diabetes once said:

"diabetes does not define me, but it helps explain me"

~Kerri Sparling sixuntilme

If I were you I would become a physician and when you're out there and doing great I would rub it in that idiots face that told you not to become one!

I also have had type 1 for 10 years. And the one thing I have always told myself is that I will NEVER let it stop me from doing anything I want to do. Anything at all. Heck, I even know an IndyCar Racing driver who is a type 1 diabetic. That is amazing. If he can do that, you can be a physician. I'm not sure what your doctor was thinking, but that's crazy. DO IT!!!

If you wanna become a physician, don't let diabetes stop you! There's stress in every part of our lives, if we let it get to us.
btw I am a second year med student and I absolutely love it :-)
Think of all the other doctors with type 1 diabetes - Nat Strand from The Amazing Race, Steven Edelman from TCOYD...
Good luck if you decide to become a physician!