Smart Insulin Update... Maybe not as smart as speculated?

For those interested here is recent bio conference event with Dr Zion. Based on some of the questions presented it doesn't sound to promising.

No time to watch the whole movie right now. I'd disagree with his "marketing" [?] of testing/ injecting as "incredibly painful". Being burned is incredibly painful.


I take 6 to 8 shots a day sometimes and though I am a bit bruised up its not the end of the world. The testing I find rather annoying especially playing guitar. The biggest problem in day to day living with it by far is trying to keep the levels fairly steady by not only having the right amount of insulin for every scenario but having it at the right time. Do to my extreme distress from elevated sugars I can easily experience mild to severe hypo's two to three times a day.

You know after watching this again Dr Zion is more or less discussing the same exact stuff about the product as he did at that other seminar back in 2009. The big difference is he is now suggesting that at this point the product will be a multiple 2-3 injection routine but also suggesting it will work on demand without causing hypo's. It also sounds like he is not sure when the trials will start.

So many of the failed advances in insulin delivery were because of these misconceptions.

A couple years ago the big pharmas invested billions and billions into research and factories to make inhaled insulin. Which was only on the market for about a year before they shut it down.

Inhaled insulin IMO would have only been a breakthrough worth discussing for people afraid to deal with injections. The same problems would have remained being (haywire sugar control) with that stuff anyway. From my understanding its not that the inhaled insulin failed but more to do with cost vs traditional insulin and fear of long term on the lungs. Smart Insulin would be far more of a life altering breakthrough. I just don't get why they can't do a small trial at this point? Smartcells themselves were poised to do so but obviously they decided it was the right time to make the deal with Merck and have them do the trials. It's not like the stuff isn't ready for human testing. Were talking about a drug that even at best case scenario is still near a decade away. I doubt when Dr Zion started he realized it would be close to twenty years before his creation would get too the public. Of course he doesn't have diabetes and he made out big time on the sale so why would he care how long it takes at this point. Meanwhile my world is upside down and corrupt.