Smart Socks for feet protection

Interesting article today:

** Hebrew U’s ‘Smart Socks’ can help save diabetics’ feet **

SenseGo socks provide patients with the ‘feeling’ they have lost due to
complications from the disease – helping them to take better care of
their feet

If this technology works well, It may contribute immensely to health of all people with diabetes. Mobile health apps are starting to do amazing things. Check out the short linked article; it’s worth the read.

cool. i hope this technology works well,.

Pretty nifty socks! :slightly_smiling: They look expensive though or the whole concept does. Since they are on the feet and feet can get pretty stinky its awesome that they designed the technology to be washable.
That’s awesome :wink:
Thanks for sharing,

Leave it to one of us Yids to come up with such an innovation! :nicaragua:

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