Smile go on give it a try

Do we not all seek happiness in our lives scientists tell us it is just a state of mind but how many species living on this planet actually smile laugh and have that warm glow and feeling inside when we are truly happy ever seen a bumble bee stop in flight and give you a smile,ever seen a cow in a field draw back the cheeks on it’s face and give you a smile or is the pleasure of smiling just reserved for us humans I have seen chimpanzees look like they are smiling but are they really smiling feeling good inside I have no idea but to think we are the only ones on this planet who can smile makes me kinda sad,why just us, what is so special about us that only we can have a good laugh sometimes at our selves share a joke or just be happy to see loved ones even though they may be thousands of miles away,I started this piece with the thought in my head why do I not smile so much these days specially when family is visiting and someone tells a joke everyone is howling with laughter and i am sitting there without feeling involved and not able to crack my face and have a jolly good laugh.

It could be I am just a grumpy old man and have let the World pass me by you can let yourself get into this gutter and stay there for years sometimes for the rest of your life,I am trying to blame my medical conditions for the state of my mind who knows what medication does to you certainly since being on anti depression pills my outlook is better but that is just a stop gap measure who wants to be on those pills for th rest of our life,the same with insulin injecting day by day trying to keep blood sugars on an even keel well there is nothing to laugh about there,so next time you have a good,remember the best cure of all is being able to put on a smile even in the darkest of times