Snacking Me?

Well, to be honest..I am snacking a smidge now LOL!!

But, with this medicine..the Met'..(LOL!) I can say that I am NOT snacking nearly as much on this ..I seem to be full, and if and or when I eat too much, I tend to have a stomach ache!! I have kind of noticed that I seem to feel slightly nauseated..kind of sickly...I hate that!!

But, I guess that the metformin really makes you stop wanting to eat...I have hard that is suppresses the urges...I wonder if this is also psychological as well?

What do you all think? Maybe I "decided" in my brain to WORK WITH the meds..instead of against them! LOL!!

*shrugs*..but, all I know is that I don't sit and eat and eat to my hearts I used to!!(I hated to admit that even to my hubby or doctors!!) It's rather embarrassing..but, I have a feeling they knew ,regardless..because I kept gaining weight..and then, when they would ask me to step up on the scale..I would say "UHoh!!" and cringe all over again! LOL!!! See? I cannot play the "I am NOT doing this to myself!!" game..with ANYBODY!!! ROFL!!!

(because I KNOW better!!!)

But, for the most part..I am doing okay...working on the goal to be this super thin but, normal looking(not anorexic or bulemic) "Mrs. THANG!!!!" LOL!!!

I hope that I do not end up looking like I am twelve again! hahahaha!!!

I always have looked and acted a LOT younger than I am...and sometimes..I really don't mind..and sometimes, well, it's frustrating to be taken seriously..because I am such a creative type that most people look straight past the serious side of me..and say "She is too silly to be taken seriously!!" I can't help it..I don't want to frown and I don't want to be sad, or pissed off, hey!! I wanna have FUN..because life is short..and well, I am gonna have fun!!! LOL!!

Besides...I would rather NOT add more wrinkled to my face..I am already getting some!! LOL!!(and some grey hair too! LOL!!!!)

But, anyhow...metformin is helping me..I used to think that this medicine was going to hurt in make me sick to my stomach..that was why I avoided taking, I am thankful for it!!!

I tend to be VERY, VERY sensitive to certain's always been like this..but, has now gotten a lot worse..I cannot take a LOT of anti-biotics..I am allergic to them!! I can't believe it..but, I guess that my body is Not immune to them all!(plus, I also have mild lupus and mild say the past doctors and such...that's what my blood tests said anyways!! So, I guess that there are things that are changing with me...but, I do also think that despite's also a learning experience for me!! *shrugs*...I am learning about my own body..and along with that..everybody else;'s ailments and symptoms and whatever else!!! LOL!!

Well, just wanted to to ya later....

Love, Peace and Jazz!!