Metformin.A Sneaky Med!(A Poem about Metformin...My new medicine! LOL!)

Okay...just stop that grinning from
ear to ear..
you've won, what more can I say?
I am going to have to deal with you
each time and each day!
Taking you makes me
grumpy and sleepy
I want to eat, but,
it sure won't be easy!!
When I eat and then
take you..
I seem to conk out
YOU work too WELL!
but, for me, it's
pure H***!!
I cannot binge, and
cannot snack and snack!
I have to count
carbs or you'll
**** this bad luck!!!
Fie on you!!
I'll lose the weight
and then, What will I
But, will you please
just stop grinning
from ear to ear...?
I know, I know..
I will still be

You'll help me live and
that's what I need..
even if I love food...
and THAT'S my
I know, so GO..and
give me some time
to absorb these facts..
into my mind!!

I never thought
that you would do this!
Now, I can't eat and eat
and be in BLISS!!!
I can only eat like a '
very small bird...
D*** the bad luck!!
Scuse this word:
My Notes:
I wrote this poem after I made that last post..on poetry site..I was a bit
upset..but, I am doing better and thanks for your letters!!

Author's Notes: Written by luvscoco99/ladykelshan/(Julie K.-O'Neill)
Written Friday March 26th, 2010
First posted on
(as ladykelshan which is my one of my main pen names.)