Sneaking food

Ok we do not (now will I consider) restrict food (or carbs) from any of our kids. However just lately our 5 year old (who has D, DX 3/8/10 at age 4) has started sneaking food. This is driving me CRAZY!

Today he had lunch - sandwich, apple and chips and iced tea. After we had all eaten I went to put the youngest down for a nap ( he is 2) and while he was nursing to sleep the 5 year old had a cheese stick (no problem there) and a yogurt (16 carbs - grrrrrr!). this is not even 30 minutes after lunch! I however had no idea and he then came into the bedroom and asked if he could have some crackers and cheese, so I said yes and fixed him 5 ritz crackers with cheese (10 carbs). While he was eating that his 12 year old brother comes in and says “you know he had a yogurt”. Of course the 5 year old denies it, but I found the (hidden) yogurt cup and some other evidence of hidden snacks (apple core, cheese stick wrappers etc) in his room. This would also explain why all of a sudden his dinner numbers have been wacky. (insert picture of me pulling hair out here!)

I have tried the rational approach; explaining that it could make him very sick if he eats food mom (or dad) does not know about it. And that most of the time he can have what he wants, but we may need to give extra insulin etc. depending on how many carbs are in it etc. I homeschool so the other kids do ask for snacks etc. during the day so even there I am not asking for anything anyone else is not doing. We do not have a set snack time, I am not into setting schedules (for food, naps or anything) and we are pretty relaxed overall.

Just curious if other parents have faced this and if they have any ideas besides putting a lock on the fridge and the pantry.

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This isnt the greatest help…but for yogurt, we buy Krogers brand Carb Masters. It is only 4 grams of carb per serving. So at least if he is not feeling full for lunch and grabs a yogurt, its not going to be any amount of carbs you would need insulin for.

It sounds like you have done everything to avoid him sneaking…we did the same at our house (but have a 13 year old). I didnt want him ever to feel he couldnt have something. Just have made sure he understands that depending on what it is, that he has to accomodate for it.

Since he is eating so much that close to have just finishing eating lunch, could it be he isnt eating enough lunch? If you had the carb master yogurt, you could include that with his lunch. Then this way if he cant eat it all, its not like you have to be concerned that he had insulin for it. The thing I have stressed to my son when he is deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch or a snack is to choose wisely. While an apple is good for you, its not very filling. Yet filling or not, it has carbs. So if he picks this for his snack…he is done with the free ride and any more will require insulin. Or how about replacing the ice tea with a glass of milk. Again something that would fill him up more so that he isnt feeling hungry to quickly.

5 years is tricky, my kids are older. what i have done is to take them shopping with me so they can choose on their own, snacks they can have have without bolusing and snacks that they must bolus for. this gives them some control and empowerment. they still sneak food though when they think they are all right.

We are having the same problem with my 4 year old. We have been going the time out way - for the sneaking not for the eating but we are getting frustrated also. Part of the problem in my house is my 2 year old wants to snack all day - takes a bite of something - leaves it on the table - my 4 year old will finish it. So now I am working on restricting the 2 year old and getting her to finish her snack before leaving the table in the hopes our sneaking issues will subside if the food is not visible. I am also looking for other suggestions.

We do not do processed food either. even though we live in town, we have a yard big enough to have a nice vegetable garden, and boy do I wish we could have raw milk, but it is not legal in Maryland. So, we are not that different.

Obviously I don’t know what his meals consist of, so just grasping at ideas that could possibly be the problem. I know so many foods while filling as we eat, leave us hungry shortly after. This is something I have had to emphasize with my son because he will take a snack after school and it not be enough to fill him up. I always tell him he needs to think about his choices and pick wisely.

I think any parent dislikes overly processed foods…so you arent alone there…but you are obviously more determined then most at avoiding them completely. Nothing wrong with that…kudos to you! Why do you not drink the raw milk but use it in cooking?

Maybe include more fiber in his meals since high fiber foods not only provide volume, but also take longer to digest, making you feel full longer on fewer calories.

From the sounds of it, I have no doubt you and your family are eating healthy. I wasnt implying anything you are doing is wrong. Just trying to help shoot ideas at you for eliminating the food sneaking. Figuring if he feels full longer, he wont have the desire to eat more food an hour after eating.

I would hope that most parents are making sure their kids eat healthy. My son eats very healthy although we do consume regular milk and while I respect your opinions, I would be reluctant to give my son raw milk when their is the possibility of bacteria present in it. But your explanation is good as to why you feel the way you do and I say, to each their own. Our nutritionist also commended us on how our family eats. Thankfully my son was never a sweets kid. He would take a bowl of frozen grapes over a candy bar any day. I am so glad to have nice fruit coming back into the markets as through the winter we had to cut out on the selection we had at home just because it isnt at all very good in the dead of winter. My son will eat a huge bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast. All our vegetables in our freezer came from a local grower. As produce is at its peak, we do a lot of freezing (not a fan of canned vegetables).

As I said…I am just thinking that maybe finding foods that make your son stay fuller longer, that he wont have that desire to graze after eating, hence…the food sneaking.