Hi, my Jason, 16 yo, dx 8/26/12, is in Honeymoon in a big way. I am looking for ideas, portable and quick, for after school. He is running a bit low and with his. After school working out, he drops. Some days he can eat, and not bolts, for up to 100 carbs, and still drop!
As he is in honeymoon. He is currently only taking language, and prior to a round of flu, was also bolusing for meals.
So I am looking for higher carb, with some protein, that can be quick, and stored in a backpack.

Open to ideas, recipes, etc.
Thank you!

Hi Amy,
We too are honeymooning :) My son is 3 and also got diagnosed on the 26th August this year! I am also after snack ideas so i will be watching this one very closely :)

My son drinks Gatorade throughout his swim practice. This was suggested by our CDE and it has worked really well. Snacks that we use before swim are milk (in the juice box type cartons), peanut butter and jelly crackers, yogurt, salami cheese and crackers, granola bars. The general idea is to have carbs and protein (and some fat too) so it digests somewhat evenly.

Also, after my son has been ill, he has several days of lows (about a week after a stomach bug). So you might find that he needs more right now but will come back up after his body recovers.

We are big fans of peanut butter crackers or cheese crackers. They seem to raise BGs and keep them up.

My son was also diagnosed as a sophomore in high school. I always bought the type of snacks that are preportioned for school lunches. They were grab and go and always had the carbs printed on them. Examples are various cookies (oreos, peanut butters, etc) and crackers (peanut butter, cheese, cheezeits, etc.) There are also individual cups of peanut butter and individual wrapped smaller sleeves of ritz crackers for dipping. Some are not that healthy but a lifesaver if my son was low on the team bus with no options. It is also the type of thing his friends were eating so it wasn't so obviously "diabetic". As a matter of fact, his friends loved to come to our house and raid the snack bowl!

Gatorade is also a good choice and many athletes drink it. If you are at a large high school, the Sports Medicine office will keep juices and gatorades in case of hypoglycemia or other emergencies.

Builder bars, by Cliff and widely found have 30 carbs, lots of protein. We split them in half for a 15 carb snack with staying power.