So close to pasing ou~t on computer course!

since i have hypo unawareness,my blood sugars drops to 20’s and 30’s,if i am lucky to 50’s before noticing that i am low

so mainly i dont have the symptoms of getting low that much

when i woke up that monday i was kind of hungry and went to eat
the problem is i miscalculated,and the miscalculated dose happened to be 30!!

excuse me!i get a 20 BG if i had only 10 units !even if i ate like a 2 cans of soda it wont rise that much!

30!what was i thinking!maybe i shoud check on my brain cells later!

so,back to my story…
i felt low already,after only 15 minutes maybe!and i say (terribly low) since i felt the low it must have been reeeallllly low
i ate like 35 carbs

and began to feel better

when the bus arrived i was kind of dizzy and light headed, anyway iu thuoght that was because of my lack to sleep

and that was the problem
that is an advise frome me( a good one)!"
NEVER think when you are low! don’t even try to! your brain will absulutely give you a wrong conclusion(usually that you are sleepy)

i slept half the first class,the teacher came tome and asked if i was feeling okay,i comforted her that i am just sleepy(even though i knew at the time that i must be terribly low-only hoped it would be normal by the time the next class is)
in the computer lab, i slept(not exactly-just rested my head)and started to sweat what looked to be tons of water
in that time, ithoght"
whose the stuped endo who said diabetecs might have dehydration!!they are spongebobs!!!

my friends noticed,my bestfriend asked me if i was feelinf low(she doesnt know any syptoms of high or low-she just knew by her
eyes that there is something wrong) i said my usual excuse:just sleepy
when i raised my head because the class have ended,i began to feel embarassed: do i really have all that water in my body?!

my book (the one i rested my head on) looked as if someone soaked it partially in the water!
my forehead started to rain drops !!oh!! i am cloud between cloud(you know how you fweel whwn you are low)
i couldnt ake it more,my friend asked another one if sweating is a sign of low or high
i told her buy me a juice
she did!by that time the next class started
she bought me an orange juice and a chocolate
i ate both hardly
and went to the scool doctor
after eating a 350 ML orange jouce that has 35 carbs in
a snickers hat have 60 carbs maybe

my blood sugar was 40

she made me drink a litter of juice(not kidding)even though there is a glucagon
and slept on the bed so the school could call my parents
theyh didnt have the number
imagine,mty friend comes to me asking for anumber , i give her and go to sleep again
unfortunately,my father was in germany(he said:what can i do??!!i am in germany)my mother is sleep(the mobile is silent)
sisters and brothers in college(no one answers!!)
so in the end dad called the driver who banged(literlay)on the door which made my mom wake

she was absulutly freaked out!!her face so mixed that i thought she is the one who needs medical supervisen

that was terrible!i became realy terrifide of lows
even though a 50 Bg was normal for me!!

ya rabiii, shuu 30 uniitsss:P???

yeah,that bad…

Reading your story made me feel low on sugar.

Gosh, you gotta be careful!