So confused

Okay so now I know that someone on here can help me understand the difference between LADA and Type one? And how do I know what I am, I have always thought of myself as Type one? I never new that there was such a thing as LADA till I read it one here?!?

check out that link

I was diagnosed as type 1 at the age of 21. From my understanding, I am a pure type 1 (not LADA) because I had a relatively fast onset.

I think that the main difference is how long the onset takes. LADA comes on more slowly.

Hey thanks!
I was 16 when I was diagnosed and I was pregnant so they diagnosed gestational first then for a month after I gave birth they said I was “back to normal” and next thing I knew I was sicker than ever they said that “oh wow your still diabetic” and I have been on insulin ever since. So I am assuming that I am type 1.

I have heard of other people getting type 1 after gestational as well.

The treatment for LADA and type 1 are pretty much the same… so it doesn’t matter too much at this point, since you’re fully insulin dependent anyway.

Yeah heh thats true :slight_smile: I would be nice to just say no I am not type one I an not diabetic at all and that it would change everything! No more counting carbs and poking fingers! But saying nah I am type 1.5 that still all comes with the counting and pokes

Actually I really like the comparison!

I like debb’s comparison! I am Lada and wasn’t insulin dependent until a few months ago. Like kristin said LADA is type 1 pretty much it just happens slower for some of us…

I was misdiagnosed as type 2 5 years ago, in the last 3 months they did c-peptide testing and have decided i am LADA. So now they just say type 1 on all papers for insurance which makes life easier