Type 1.5?

I am new to this online community, and am still picking up alot of great information on our “disease”. But this 1.5… What is it exactly. I am type 1 since jan of 2003, and have never heard of this. any and all info is greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance

Go to Forum, then search for LADA, sometimes considered the same thing as type 1.5.

Type 1.5 isn’t a medically recognized term (i.e., not included by the Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus), but is a slang term used to describe someone who is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as an adult. Many people don’t like the slang term because it’s not midway between Type 1 and 2, it’s Type 1 autoimmune diabetes at a later age. LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults) is another term used for adult-onset Type 1 diabetes.

ok thanks for the info. im glad i found this site, its so cool that im not alone so to speak…

Hi David: With tudiabetes, we are not alone, that is for certain! Melitta

If LADA is people diagnosed type 1 as an adult, what is the “cut off” point? I’m type 1 and diagnosed at 27, am I considered LADA? I’ve just never really paid attention to that term and my endo has never mentioned it either. I don’t know if this matters but I’m third generation type 1 in my family.

I’m new to this and am just wondering! :slight_smile:


Elizabeth, it varies from doctor to doctor and person to person–there are different ways to understand the difference between LADA and type 1, but I usually draw the difference in the speed of the onset. Many LADA maintain decent levels of insulin production (even within the normal range) for years, but not all…

I was diagnosed at 21 and had a relatively rapid onset. I was diagnosed in the ER with DKA. I consider myself type 1 (this was also what my endo told me).

I’m not sure how much the difference matters. Just out of curiosity, at what age were the members of your family diagnosed? Were they also adults?

Hi Elizabeth: Personally, I don’t like or use the term LADA. It stands for latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, and frankly there is not much “latent” about it. Blatent, yes, latent, no. It’s a term coined by an Australian diabetes specialist primarily for slow onset Type 1 over the age of 35. At 27, that makes you a young’un. Most Type 1 diabetes is adult onset.