So disappointed

Today I got the results of my latest A1C and my cholesterol test back. My A1C was 6.2% and the report said my average bg was 130. Granted my number is not horrible BUT I was hoping so much for a lower number and I’ve really worked hard to get this low. My cholesterol is not good at 261. I am intolerant of statin drugs and every other type of cholesterol drug that the doctor has tried so far. This just hasn’t been my day…sure hope tomorrow is a better day.

I know that children are held to a different threshold, so what Caleb’s doctors tell me is different than what yours tell you, but I feel strongly that you should be extremely proud of your A1C. 6.2 is phenomenal. An average BG of 130 I would think is quite sure to ensure a future without complications.

A 6.2 A1C is indeed phenomenal. There is a lot of good data suggesting that too low of an A1C introduces a separate set of complicating factors through more frequent hypoglycemia. Pat yourself on the back.

Have you tried every commercially available statin? Different statins affect different people differently. Have you considered Tricor (fenofibrate)?

Not to be cruel, but I think it sounds spoiled to be displeased with a 6.2; there are millions of people who would give anything to be below 7%! In fact, a normal person without any type of diabetes will usually measure in the 5%-6% range, so you’re only a small bit from “normal.” You’re doing great, Mayumi - enjoy your success!
As Jaybear said, the complications of overly “tight” control are pretty well documented, and it is more than just the risk of frequent low BG. When I hear about diabetics talk about being “driven” to get below 6%, I think to myself, what risks are you taking on and what kind of lifestyle are you subjecting yourself (and your family) to in order to achieve that “magic number?” As diabetics we must always keep in mind that life is a balancing act, a game of tradeoffs; achieving a <6% HbA1c just isn’t worth the cost, in my opinion.

I am sorry you are disappointed, Mayumi. Maybe you will discover one more small tweak you can make in your routine that will help you continue to lower your #'s, but be proud of how well you have done. None of us take that for granted. As for your cholesterol, have you looked into any alternatives to statins? You hear that the ratio is as important as the total #. Maybe there are things that raise the good even if statins are not an option to lower the bad. It is frustrating, isn’t it…one step forward, two steps back. You’ll get there, it’s just hard waiting.

I know a man who’s had type 1 for 30 years… and he’s never had an A1c below 7%. Congrats on the beautiful A1c!

I did not mean to sound ‘spoiled’. And you’re right about the kind of lifestyle I’ve been doing. I’ve had too many lows that are hard to handle plus I’ve lost my hypo awareness. I’ve been comparing myself to other people who do have numbers below 6.0%. Now because of the stress that I put myself through my fbg this morning was 181 and it is almost never that high, usually around 100-120 range. Must do some walking today to relax a bit. Thanks for your opinion.

I’ve tried Tricor, Zetia, Welchol, and Questran as alternatives to statin drugs. The only one that did not give me muscle pain was Questran, but it did nothing for my cholesterol either so the doctor said to stop it.

Look into fish oil and it sounds as though you already exercise. Good luck.

A few months back, I felt certain that I had lowered my A1C below 6. I went for my quarterly checkup, and it was 6.1. I was disappointed, but my doctor was thrilled and talked about how good my control is. A1C is an important indicator, but consistency is far more important than a low A1C. If you are avoiding highs and lows and achieving an A1C of 6.2, then you are doing an exemplary job of avoiding future diabetic complications (and isn’t that really the goal here?). Everyone is different. Some will never get to a sub-6 A1C, just as some may never have a cholesterol reading below 200. Instead of focusing on a single number, I would try to be consistent and stay away from highs and lows.

have you tried flaxseed? i mix ground flaxseed into yogurt, oatmeal, etc. I also have a bread machine and I will mix the groud flaxseed into that as it is mixing. It has worked to bump up my HCL quite a bit.