New A1C

I went from a 12.3 on 08/14/07 at diagnosis to 6.6 about 8 weeks later.

I am now at a 5.2!!!

WOO HOO!!! :slight_smile:

Sorry I had to brag a little.

Wow! Congratulations! How did you manage this?


You are doing a great job. Congrats!!! Are you having a lot of lows??

Not really a lot of lows.

What is really helping me is that my BG at night is very steady running between 80 and 95 on a consistent basis. Also I rarely go above 180 and when I do I come back down quickly. With the Dexcom I have learned that I need to wait at least 20 minutes to eat, preferably 25 in order to avoid big spikes above 180. I also have my insulin to carb ratio down and I guess I am really good at carb counting.

Congrats again, still working on my appeal for the CGMS, I know that will help me bigtime.

Awesome Job!

Congrats!!! GREAT job. It shows yet another great value of perseverance coupled with technology.

That’s what I’m working for. I’ve been a diabetic for 22 years, but I’ve not every had an A1c below 6 (until my last dr’s appointment when it was a 5.6, but I firmly believe it was WRONG!) and I am working on getting the CGMS to help bring my A1c’s down. Congrats on the major improvement. Good work!

Wow great job, and with no lows either. I guess the Dexcom helped out loads. You’re doing awesome!

congrats man ! I went from a 10.2 in april to a 7.2 about 2 weeks ago. I started my pump therapy last week, hope to get it in the 6.x range soon.

keep up the good work !!

What a spectacular success story!!

Brag all you want!!! Keep up the good work!!!

You definitely have reason to brag! Congratulations!

I am shooting to be below 6.0 at my next visit in January (6.7 in October)

GREAT job!!!

unREAL. good for you.

I just got mine back and it’s the same as yours, 5.2! Congrats!

that’s great that u controlled your blood sugar so effectively .please share your felling how you did that.because my a1c is not going lower than 7.8 for last 1 year

How’s your CGMS request going?? I’m determined to get one - I think they should be standard for us!

wow 5.2! Now I have a new goal to shoot for.

congrats! thats wonderful news.

What’s your secret???