So has anyone ever figured out how to pump for potatoes?

I have had an awesome BG day. Absolutely flat lined throughout the day. Until tonight. We had a big meal, all complex carbs except the mashed potatoes. Only had 1/2 cup, dosed for 20g. Put a temp basal for +10% for the first hour to cover the spike and still dropped to 57 at 2 hours. Might have been because I forgot to reduce the dosage for the fiber in the beans. Oh, well. I caught it early and corrected. Just hate having to waste the calories and extra carbs to cover 1.75 active units. No offense meant, but please be on insulin and a type 1 if you’re going to comment.

I usually do ok w/ potatoes. I mostly eat the red ones and just weight them and figure out a ratio and they come out nicely.

Maybe a dual wave bolus would help to spread out the carb load without going low later? For potatoes I ues a 60/40% split over an hour or two depending on the potatoe - fries versus mashed, etc.

Me too. Of the main starches, potatoes are one of the foods that seem to obey my normal ratio. Unless I’m low, I’ll give the whole bolus up front. If I’m low or eating a lot, I might put 50-75% upfront and the rest on a shortish wave bolus like 30-60 min. If your ratio is based on grains, maybe you need to adjust it for potatoes, or try a longer wave than me.

Grains are what really seem to create headaches for me. I can do it, most of the time, but anything more than like 25-30 g and I spike or go low maybe half the time.

Maybe the taters don’t spike you as much as you think - at least not that day.

I don’t get a spike from spuds. They’re just another carb to me so I take my standard correction dose.


I usually bolus for 30 carbs on a 1/2 cup of red potatoes and it seems to work for me. As long as I don’t add cheese to it!

No offence taken but surely the most directly relevant comments would be from insulin-users on pumps even if they are not officially antibody-positive? I would imagine that someone that was antibody-positive but on MDI would have little personal experience to comment on e.g. adjustment of temp basal rates on a pump. Whereas a Type 2 pumping insulin would be able to share experiences of adjusting basal rates.

I am a potato fan ; mashed potatoes ( hi GI ) rarely on my plate, but would do well , if I have a low BG and need to treat
. I prefer the boiled with peel on( lower GI) . I generally use the dual wave bolus for most meals and do not spike because I eat a potato .A med size potato has approx 26 grams of carbs .
For the first time in my life I ate blue ( also called purple ) flesh potatoes , while on vacation in Maui ; they appear to have a lower GI than the red ( peel ) ones I eat .
I think , it should be noted, that different brand potatoes may require a different bolus and delivery amount …their flesh is not all equal .For instance I have better results with the red peel spuds than Yukon Gold .It pays off to finger poke :slight_smile:

reminds me a green eggs and ham

i agree with the reds. only kind i really like either way, even before i was diabetic.

I will eat a 6 oz red potato in about 1/2 hour, w/ a roasted chicken breast. I did cheat w/ 30 min of intervals on the treadmill first though.

SuFu…are you referring to my photo :slight_smile: …local .artist( BC, Canada ) at work, ha, ha ( me ) !! Should be called : " green peas and purple spuds on Maui "

Acid …did it work…the treadmill ??

Potatoes are okay for my niece. I do not give extra insulin for them, nor does she reduce serving size. I will give her up to a cup and a half. There is a spike at the one hour mark, but she is usually in range 2.5 to 3 hours after eating. She also does okay with french fries (from McD) or my thick sliced and seasoned potato slices panfried. Cheese fries are a problem, though; it’s the extra fat. Rice is okay. Uncle Bens coverted rice is the lowest glycemic rice there is. Less of a spike for this rice. Baked ziti or lasagna is okay but mac and cheese and plain pasta is problematic. Use quinoa pasta which actually causes lows, so she gets extra free. That covers the main starches :slight_smile: Bread causes the fastest spike of all the starches for her but the insulin will cover it; just can go high before the insulin gets there.