Still Hi in the morning

Thanks all for youe usefull replies,

I STILL HAVE IT Hi AFTER BREAKFAST. Today it went up to 290 after 2 hrs, like every day. I went to my doctor and he said you should play with the carb ratio. I did but same result as if i am taking water not insulin. I tried low carb diet but i felt weak and out of energy. The problem with playing with my carb ratio is that if its hi after meal then the pump wont give a correction coz of the active insulin. I has to make trics to the pump and take bolus instead of correction, but without eating :(.

Will keep on trying,

Thanks again.

Hey Bebo - didn’t know you were having probs with morning highs. Not fun having to do the tweaking of our insulin regime, pump or MDI (multiple doseage injections). I’m having the opposite of you lately, e.g NOW - waking up to lows in upper 2’s mmol/l - been tweaking my basal rates, but never thought about tweaking the carb ratio. Will have to go consult my “Pumping Diabetes” book. Isn’t life with diabetes a roller coaster ride sometimes? Let’s hope we both sort out our probs SOON!

I’m having the same issue these last few days. I can’t seem to get below 200. I went to be at 122 and woke up at 260. I’ve increased my basals, but I feel like I’m taking more than enough to cover my carbs. I’m wondering if a: it’s my infussion set or b: I need to try a new fast acting insulin. I went from humalog to novalog a few years ago. This is when being a diabetic p!sses me off! You do everything right, and still can’t get it right.