So! I thought i was cured

So November 2008 I was told after feeling like I had the flue that I was “Diabetic” Got a few days worth of shots from nurse then told as I was an overweight 51 year old must be a T2 Diabetic. WOW! life-saving scary moment,
Back then found the TU group here. Became ultra-fit with help from peps here, cycled a lot, my wife ays became obsessive about been fit and eventually 5 years ago quit all meds, Doctors agreed I was all good

Now 5 years - Diabetes got angry and thought I will show you and hit me big time. before Xmas, I thought I know that feeling, blurring vision, got old meter out, wow 26Mmol, where did that come from?
Back to Docs, Mike, you have Diabetes, 3 weeks later I am on Insulin. feels good. I feel good blood glucose is an average of 6.2 Mmol. I cycle when I can. today 30km and loving life. What an A … hole disease but ladies and gents there is so many worst ways to suffer, I have lost 2 friends to cancer, what a horrible way to suffer. We don’t deserve what we have but could be a lot worse,

What I have learned is that while I may not be cured, there is no reprieve, but there is a lot worse hand I could have been handed, life is good


Good perspective on diabetes. Why diabetes sucks there are a lot of other conditions that suck way more. Granted if you don’t control your diabetes it will destroy your body.

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As one who found out they have cancer last July, I can say that I prefer diabetes by a long shot. Even before I found out about the cancer I have always said that I’m glad I have diabetes and not cancer.

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Mike, I am sorry you had this experience and diabetes came back despite your best efforts. Often, it’s just due to age and genetics. A similar thing happened to me. And, yes, there are worse things that can happen with your health. Diabetes is difficult but if you do your part, you can control it.


"Hey, Jean63, feel defeated but then Insulin rather than Metformin has proven to be a "New World"I was always sure that metformin caused me joint pain. Worked for some time but eventually, as BCE here predicted I would be on Insulin in a few years.
“D” is frustrating, I am a control freak and cannot control “D”, but have learned to deal with it

Well, being a control freak makes for a good diabetes patient! Metformin is a good drug, if you can tolerate it. I’ve heard they are looking at it because it might lower cancer incidence…

Meanwhile, my Victoza at dose 1.2 is working very well. I seem to be losing some much needed weight. I hope it keeps up.