So it begins

After reviewing the three insulin pumps in contention, I decided on Animas 2020 yesterday. The reason to go with Animas was driven by a number of factors:
1. Great customer support
2. An awesome local case manager (who is also a type 1)
3. A company that listened to me, sp. about the features I did not like
4. A quiet pump
5. Probably the best battery life among the insulin pumps available today
6. Best display
7. Intuitive user interface
8. Luer lock on the reservoir, so there’s a choice of infusion sets to choose from
9. A compact form factor, which matters to me
10.The primary driver was the engineering behind the product.

I was concerned about the insulin reservoir capacity in the Animas (200 units). That became a non-issue given the way my management of diabetes has progressed. I’ve settled on a low-carb diet, exercise with religious regularity and have an average BG of 90 for the past 30 days. Not to jinx myself, but i’ve never felt healthier in my life. As a result, my TDD has come down to about 70 units. Still higher than I where I want it to be, but it beats 90 units a day. With the pump, I should be down to about 50 to 55 units (I got the 4th edition of John Walsh’s book on pumping insulin and worked out my basal rates and I:C and Insulin sensitivity ratios). My insulin resistance continues to decrease, which is a good sign.

I get the pump delivered on tuesday, with the usual consignment of 3 month supplies.
I’m also trying out the Dexcom for a month starting tuesday, so that should be interesting.

Oh! Before I forget, i’ve named my insulin pump after B.B.King’s guitar, Lucille.

Cure me of the D blues, Lucille
Smooth out those highs and lows
Beep and vibrate when you need attention
And keep that insulin in flow

Woohoo, that is great SRI and I love your little poem.

Keep us posted.

Woot! Cool. I’m happy for you. I wrote a sad little poem about not having a pump over on my website. Oh man! Jealous, but happy for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the helpful comment. We may be leaning towards the Animas 2020 as well. I think our rep for Animas (chris) is also type 1.