Let's Get Pumped

So, today I am dropping off the insulin pump paperwork with my diabetes doc, and they are going to give the paperwork to their rep to get insurance coverage with different companies. So we'll see where it goes. I'm leaning towards the Ping, hoping it will be covered *fingers crossed*

Best of luck on the approval
I've loved my Ping...been rock solid since 2010.

Thanks Michael! I'll definitely keep the blog updated!

Good luck

Thanks shoshana. Just got back from dropping off the paperwork. Now, we wait ;)

Good Luck!! I've had my Animas Ping since 9/2010. In fact it's warranty is just about up and now I'm checking out available pumps. I've never had a problem with Animas. Their customer service for my pump has been wonderful the couple of times I've needed them. I saw my CDE this afternoon and she give me a t:slim with saline to test drive for three days. It's okay, but I actually think I prefer my Animas. The color screen on the t:slim is great, but in one afternoon and evening, I am already missing the meter remote. Of course, I'm not really missing it, because I actually have both pumps on now, with my Dexcom. A true bionic woman here. I hope you'll love your Ping as much as I have.