So mad I could spit

I finally got a chance to talk to someone at my pcp’s office, and basically until my a1c goes over some magic number they aren’t going to diagnose me with diabetes, and they absolutely refuse to rx metformin, until they make a diabetes diagnosis. WTF! So basically they gave me a meter to play with and they don’t care at ll what that meter is saying!

I am on the eggs, meat cheese diet right now, and I am still having high blood sugars. I need some help. But my dr.'s office is not the least bit helpful. I am just so mad and upset and do not know what to do. So they will let me languish here in no-man’s land of bs 150-177 while i develop neuropathy and retinopathy until they decide to do some more bloodwork and then MAYBE we might think about trying metformin. This btw, was the same dr. who decided my blood sugar was too high to give me a glucose tolerance test. Too high for a GTT, but too low to diagnose me with diabetes? WTF?

I need a new dr. can anyone recommend a good primary care person in Columbus, Ohio who isn’t a complete idiot about diabetes?

Too high for a GTT?? Um. Ok. WTF? is right!!

While I live nowhere around you, I would suggest, if it’s at all possible, to get yourself into see an Endocrinologist! Thing is, to have your insurance pay for it, you probably need a referral from your PCP, huh? That is a ridiculous thing, in my opinion, about insurance companies! And is why I’m sometimes glad I don’t have insurance! I can go see WHOEVER I want, with no worries. BUT, I have to pay for it ALL, out of my own pocket!

If you do have a difficult time of that, and you can afford to, do pay for an Endo yourself! As far as the Met script goes, you can get that for $4 at Walmart, Target and I think KMart too, now!

Isn’t there a thing in insurance that you have a right to a second opinion?? Play that card, if necessary!

Good Luck! It’s good to see that you are taking a quick and proactive attitude towards Diabetes!! ;0)

Wouldn’t that be nice if it were true?

Oh, denial, such a sweet swim downriver.

Hey Halle,

You’re right about doctors offices not being the least bit helpful. The fact that they gave you a meter, however, might be a little helpful (for now).

Since you’re on the “eggs, meat cheese diet” – is your blood sugar running into the 150-177 range after meals or before? If it’s before meals – your doctor is flat out negligent. But if it’s in that range after meals – like 2 hours after meals – you might be leaning too heavy on the protein diet. Also – do you add any fiber (vegetables / whole grains) to the meal? That might help slow or prevent the rise altogether. Which would be BETTER than any drug.

There are a lot of books (especially written lately) about the huge impact fiber has on stabilizing blood sugars after meals. This is a huge benefit to preventing the full-blown onset of Type 2 diabetes. I’ve often loved the ketogenic effects of the Atkin’s type diets – but fiber has a remarkable effect in satisfying hunger, increasing digestion, and stabilizing blood sugar (as well as cholesterol levels).

I’m always interested to see responses from Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes perspectives. I’m a Type 1 but I have noticed a significant reduction is “after meal” blood sugars once I started eating between 6 - 10 grams of fiber with each meal. Really – it’s amazing!

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Hi, Halle,
I thought a fasting BG of above 126 was enough for a diagnosis. You are caught in a catch 22 if you are changing your diet and manage to improve your BG numbers so that you no longer have the magic numbers. I am wondering if you are perhaps an early Type 1, with LADA, since your BG seems high on a low carb diet. Are you sure that you have insulin resistance? I had numbers that were too low to qualify me as diabetic but had the antibody tests done and had low levels of antibodies to my islet cells so then the endocrinologist believed that I really did have diabetes. My first endocrinologist told me my GTT was normal because it was in the normal range after 2 hours, though it had been up at 175 for the first 90 minutes. So now I do have insulin, though I only take it occasionally. I have been eating a lot of raw foods, especially sprouts and can get normal BG an hour after meals. This is a big improvement for me. My intitial A1C was 7.2, now it’s 5.6. Good luck with all this, it sounds frustrating.


Asking questions and getting answers from those who have diabetes is very helpful. Seeing an endocronologist is a must. I languished without one for many years and it did result in some health concerns.Your PCP works on a stall tactic promoted by HMO’s…I’m not being a pesimist, just realistic.By your doc giving you a meter is considered "preventative"when it is actually a stall for immediate attention to your specific needs… thus saving the HMO money… health care is about profit…it’s a different world…take charge!

I would also recommend that you read Jenny’s diabetes page or contact her on this blog. She is very helpful and has the best information that will be helpful in your health management.

Where the heck is Ohio?(joke)… good luck

Please find yourself a new PCP. by any means already mentioned… and friend/relative/coworker referral. Then get the endocrinologist referral. Or be bold and ask this present “doc” for the referral. and then get a new doctor. He does not seem to have a clue.( He is wasting your time, money, and health). Sounds like he went to McDonald’s medical school…a free toy with your visit???

When I needed a new PCP, I was able to call a number for a referral service - I guess it was for new doctors looking to build up their practices. I got my number off a magnet on my sister’s refrigerator, but you may be able to find one in the yellow pages or by calling a local big hospital.

Hi, I just read a post you posted on my question and then ended up here! lol I was wondering how your readings have been and if you had a dx yet? Also were those #'s after meals??

I gotta say - your response cracked me up.