So Many Cures

Ever since I've been diagnosed, just a few months, I've learned that quite a few of my friends know of a cure. This didn't really come as a surprise to me, since so many people seem to have a cure for every major injury, illness or problem someone else has. It has become kind of a source of humor to me over the years. For some reason though, this is different. Probably because I have something that will with me for the rest of my life, and could potentially even cause my death.

The most recent instance of this happened at work this week. "I have not been feeling well at all for the past two weeks." My boss asked how I was doing, and I imparted those words to her. They are already aware of my situation and we have briefly discussed whether or not I need anything special from them. They have told me they will accommodate any special needs I might have as long as I have detailed instructions from my doctor. I have not asked for anything, nor do I plan on asking for anything. When I told her how I was feeling, she replied,"I've had type 2 a few times. Just don't eat any carbs, zero. Meat and vegetables and you'll be fine." I pretty much ended the conversation and realized any needs that I MIGHT have, will no doubt be an uphill struggle based on that response.

On a side note, I posted her quote on my facebook page and immediately got a comment from a different person on how to cure diabetes without fail. These two should sell stock...

Anyway, my new passion has been about educating people about diabetes. I don't have any grand designs to go about preaching to people. My passion is more about learning what people know, believe and share about diabetes. Once I get a feel for that, then I will decide what direction I should or could go in next.

I have put together a very informal little survey that I have been asking people. The early results, seem to back up what I initially believed. People that don't know, don't have a clue. People that do know, don't share. It is important to me because I believe that the more that people know about diabetes, the more likely they will be inclined to help and also to share with others.

Like I said, I don't have any huge plans or ideas, I just have a passion. I hope to be able to turn that into something productive.

Oh my goodness, the number of cures out there! It's a wonder anyone has D any more LOL

My experience matches your informal survey. Most people don't have a clue. Many people with diabetes don't have a clue.

My passion is education as well. I try especially to sneak some in with any medical professional I'm involved with.

Welcome to the TuD family. I've learned more here than anywhere else. Join us in the chat room some time!

Most of the times when I'm told about "the cure" I can just smile and nod and go on.

Where it gets to me the most, is when (like you) it's my boss telling me over and over again, or some folks I've known for a long time, who don't understand after 30 years of having T1, why I have not yet gotten up the gumption to cure myself. Instead I just a complete slacker by checking my bg and taking insulin all the time, apparently :-)

A girl really annoyed me once by telling me that her nephew had D but managed to will himself better, I could've kicked her, maybe he saw the Virgin Mary or something.

wish i could will myself better....right now im just wishing i was a droid and so wouldnt need to is as fantastical as the other..