SO, SO, SO sorry about the issue with the chat today

Everyone who was on today for the chat session we had today with Joan, Fabian and Randi,
I sincerely apologize about the issues that caused for me to get bumped out of the chat server. I am trying to find out what happened.

I hope everyone who was able to participate in the chat was able to further connect with others and learn about the stories from these three great people that embody what we see in our lives with diabetes every day.

Thank you SO much to Marston for helping remote-moderate the chat session via IM!!

And everyone, if you haven’t done it yet, please take a few minutes to go to
and submit a picture with a word on your hand, that describes how you feel about diabetes.

We have collaborated with OneTouch on this project and for every submission, they will donate $5 up to $250,000 to diabetes charities (DECA and TCOYD).

Take care everyone and thanks to those who joined in the chat!

Technology at it’s finest and worst I suppose? In any case, it went great and I was glad to help.