Solitary Confinement Day 1

My day started at five am so that I could get one last meal in before six hours of fasting in preparation for my thyroid ablation today. I was back in bed by five fifteen after yet another bowl of oatmeal and plate of egg whites- some of the only foods I could find that are easy to prepare, somewhat appetizing, and on the low-iodine diet I've had to be on since the first of the year- but since I have been off the anti-thyroid meds for five days, there was no chance I'd be able to go back to sleep.
I saw Tony off to work at seven with a big, gotta-last-for-seven-days hug and got the kids ready for school. I dropped the kids at school and had coffee with a friend, or rather, I watched a friend drink coffee-damned fasting rules- while sitting in the morning sunshine. Then off to the doctor's office to swallow a pill they brought to me in a lead vial. "Don't touch it. Just take it straight out of the vial," the doctor told me. I do wonder what on earth I'm doing taking a pill that isn't safe to touch. And thus began seven days of solitary confinement.
While everyone was at school I had free reign of the house, but once the kids were home, I was confined to my office in the garage. Once Tony got home and had to do a workout in the garage, I was sent to the upstairs bedroom. If I had to enter the common areas, I found myself calling out to warn everyone of my presence. I felt like a leper calling out, "Unclean. Unclean." I have dutifully used paper plates, cups, and utensils, double bagged all my trash separately and stored it outside. I have stored all my radioactive clothes and towels in my now radioactive office and always flushed twice. I waved goodnight to my kids and gave them air hugs from down the hall. My evening ended with a quick hazmat sweep of the upstairs bedroom and making my bed downstairs all alone.
Since I could not spend any time with my family, I spent most of the day writing and editing and I have to say, I absolutely loved it. Although I miss my family desperately, six more days of my writer's retreat and I should be one very content writer.

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My husband's a writer & he'd enjoy no distractions to be able to focus exclusively on his work. He's fantasized for years about a writer's shack to retreat to. It's a solitary calling.

Must feel very odd to be a radioactive leper separated from your family. Hope the next six days go well. We're here & don't care if you're glowing in the dark.

Thanks so much for the support.
I carved a writer's shack out of this 6' by 10' room in our garage. Its not much wider than my desk, but I guess it leaves less room for distractions. But it's all mine and it's ready to go the minute i am.

Great! Virgina Wolff stated in "A Room of One's Own," a woman must have money & a room of her own if she is to write.

Women rarely have their own space, either physically or figuratively.

Hope Day Two went well