Some more pictures from my research

Due to the size of the pictures, click over to my blog to see the post. I think they're pretty sweet pictures. I will take some of normal pancreas and high mag of beta-cells in the next few days. Click on the pictures and you can get the enlarged version. If you have requests for any normal tissue type I can usually do that. We have dozens of slide sets of every tissue and I can pretty much find anything.


More astounding pictures! Was eagerly awaiting more. Love them. Thanks! In addition to pancreas pics, have any of brain tissue?

I took the pancreas ones this morning, will post sometime soon. Brain I can try. Brain is tough to fix and it’s a challenge to section. I don’t know how many, if any, slides we have of brain. I will check.

They’re all fascinating. Do you use the same color stains on the slides? Wondering if different stains are used, or it’s just the way various cells take up the stains. Thanks for sharing.

So far the ones with purple and pink (all of the ones in this blog) are stained with hematoxylin and eosin. There are dozens of different way to stain. The cells were stained through immunohistochemistry. This is when I am looking for a single type of protein to understand where it is, how much of if there is and if it’s there at all following a given treatment.

Am intrigued with your work.

It’s fun. I have tons of stuff that I have done. The problem is that most of it will be published under my real name and my anonymity is pretty important to me for my blog. I lied earlier, the one picture with the background blue and the dark brown cells is immunohistochemistry. The basal cells (stained brown) are the divisional cells and express the protein p63 which is what we labelled them for. The rest of the tissue besides those cells is negative for p63 and therefore doesn’t stain.

Understand wanting anonymity & keeping your professional life separate. I so enjoy the photos & learning about this. A new world.