I love what I do

Check out my blog for full text and a couple absolutely stunning high resolution fluorescent photomicrograph that goes along with the story.

I love what I do. I love microscopes, I love cells, I love tissue and I love seeing ■■■■ happen. This is a prostate cancer cell line derived from…

Amazing photos! Sad knowing they’re aggressive cancer cells, but that doesn’t minimize the wonder.

They are pretty cool. They are derived from a brain metastasis, so they are a pretty hearty cell line. You can do just about anything you want to them and they won’t die, so you can pretty much do whatever you want to them.

Hope you’ll post more of these fascinating photos.

Any requests? Cancer cell lines I have run are breasts (3), ovarian (3), endometrial (1), brain (1), CNS (2) and prostate (4). I have normal prostate epithelial and stromal, mouse fibroblasts, embryonic kidney and endometrial stromal cells. I have thousands of photos, not joking. I have a 1 TB drive essentially full. I have all sorts of different stains too, both on cells in culture (like the ones I posted) along will tissues from surgery.

How about some non-pathological ones. I leave it to the artist’s discretion. Ooo, any pancreatic ones?