Some news you can use!

So… all my life I have been one of those people who has a tea for everything. PMS, depression, one to help me sleep, one to keep me awake…one just because it tastes good… you get the idea…Anyhow… I have gotten away from my herbal remedies… and have forgotten alot of what I have learned.

I was not having a good time on metformin… or any of the other diabetes meds the dr.s put me on. Besides I completely changed my lifestyle and really dont think I need them anyway. But after I stopped taking the meds… my numbers began to creep up on me… not a lot… but enough to rethink what I am doing.

I went to the health food store… picked up a bottle of cinnimon extract capsules… because I remember reading about it at one time… I believed it balances your blood sugars… I should have re read the info… but I didnt.
I am also one of these people who is lucky if I remeber to take medication once a day… twice… just not gonna happen. The instructions on the cinnimon extract was… take one capsule 2x a day.
PPFFFTTTTT!!! I will never remeber to take it twice, so I will take 2 once a day… that oughta do the trick! LOL

The very next day I had a hypo not even 3 hours after a meal… ok… I thought, not unusual beings as it is “that time of month” for me and I aways am quite low during that time.
But even after I was finished with that time… I still continued to have really scary lows…not good. The only thing that I had been doing different… is the cinnimon… so I decided to look up the benefits and side effects… turns out it does not balance blood sugars… it LOWERS it!!! and it also havs a whole line of other good things it does… so after reading all that again and smacking myself on the forehead for being such a dork…I started taking it twice a day like I am supposed to… wow what a difference!! Yay!!!
I am very happy that i found this out because… firstly… it really does work… secondly, it is wayyy cheaper than prescription meds, thirdly has no bad side effects, and it works really really fast, so if I have a bad day where I am really high… I will just pop one of those babies and I will be good as new… prescribed meds on the other hand… take awhile to build up in your system and take awhile to leave… cinnimon… is quick in and out… love it!!!
|I will just be more careful on the dosing… and research to refresh my memory on exactly what herbs and spices do what.

Wondering if anyone else out there has tried the cinnimon?? If so, what were your results??

Yes. It works for me too. I wrote a blog about the other natural remedies that I found has worked for me as well. Check it out on my page.

Wow, it is incredible that something so simple and common place as cinnamon could have such a profound affect on your blood sugar. It is great that it is allowing you to even replace your prescribed medication. I do try and eat at least 1/2-1 teaspoon a day, but I am type 1 and it definitely doesn’t allow me to stop taking insulin. I am going to school this October for Holistic Nutrition and Western Herbalism, and this is just the type of thing that makes me excited!