Green tea?

Have you heard about the effects of Green tea?

Can’t be any help for T1s if it stimulates insulin production (since we just can’t produce that insulin no matter what’s ‘stimulating’ us). But I thought I’d share for anyone interested.

I drink green tea a few times a day, and haven’t noticed any difference to my BGs - but then again, I’m a T1 like I said, and I wasn’t LOOKING for any differences since it was just a drink I happened to like!

I don’t think green tea has made any difference to my blood sugar despite the fact that I drink it regularly, up to 2 cups a day. But it is full of antioxidants, which can’t be a bad thing, I guess! I drink it because I like how it tastes, and because I get tired of drinking water all the time.

Undoubtedly this is another study funded by people who sell Green Tea.

I treat all such health claims for foods with great most of them don’t hold up when studies NOT funded by those who profit from them attempt to reproduce their results. In fact, over the years I’ve been following health and diet news just about every diet or health food or supplement that has been the subject of this kind of fad has been discredited.

And don’t forget that these teas often are grown and sold by the same folks who brought you poisoned kid’s toothpaste, lead painted baby toys, and the like. Who knows what pesticides or other poisons they contain?

Ah, Jenny, you hit the spot. That’s kinda what I was thinking.

So many things come out each day as being good for us / bad for us - we just can’t believe much of what ‘they’ say!

Regardless of what it does or doesn’t do, I still like the stuff slurps on her cuppa :slight_smile:

I read something a while ago that said although antioxidants would be good for us, we barely absorb anything from them so they’re not really doing a darned thing. Of course, if you THINK you’re getting something good, it’s likely to do something good for you anyway. Which may be another reason why stuff like this is big news when found but small news when discredited. But it’s more likely that people just want to save their own reputations from embarrassment!

I have no faith in any study without doing a little research first. But then I don’t trust what I’m researching either. It all makes for interesting reading, but I never know what to believe!

I drink a mix of caffeinated green and black teas in the afternoon and even without any carbs to speak of for lunch, my BS will go up. I notice an increase in the AM after coffee. Are you all drinking decaffienated green tea, or does caffeine not effect everyone?