Some of my days are FULL of PAIN too. And a typical one of THOSE days goes something like this:

I HATE being in bed all alone except for Keli. But, she is a WONDERFUL 8.8 lbs of companionship who has kept me out of the depression more than once! Besides the Big D, I am lucky enough to have chronic pain for the last couple years. Sometimes the drugs don’t work quite as well as they should when they are costing $6.83 each[pill] x 120 of THEM a month and the other bottle full of $6.35 each[pill] x 240 of THEM a month. Sometimes, just lying there with water running from my eyes from the pain that sneaks through. LOTS of days where I get to be up (as in out of bed) for 3 or 4 hours IF I am LUCKY!
Some days, NOT lucky, just up long enough to go whiz a few times. HEY, lately, I HAVE been able to swing my feet over the edge of the bed and WITHIN a FEW seconds walk the 15 feet to the throne.
I AM feeling GREAT when that happens!
I HATE it when I roll over, a few minutes later, SOMETIMES 10-15 minutes later I have been able to get my feet on the floor and THEN, GRAB the TABLE, the WALL, the DRESSER, the DOOR HANDLE, the TOWEL RACK in the bathroom, the SINK COUNTER, the back of the TOILET… all of the time pain noises coming from my mouth because they just sneak out. Sit down on the throne, holding onto the back of the toilet and the sink counter. Ah, a few minutes later, ready to THINK about getting up and CRAWLING alone the WALLS and other THINGS to get back to the bed.
Ah, made it. A SPEEDY 5-7 minutes for a walk that should take 5 seconds, 30 seconds for a whiz and another 5 seconds back to the bed or to some other part of the house. A 40 second operation takes 5-7 minutes when the days aren’t going good.

YES, the big D does NOT seem like it takes a lot of time during my day. The chronic pain is the real day killer.

Some days I just don’t make it to the other end of the house where the kitchen and office is.

Yep, my life is pretty simple when I have days like that, day after day after day.

BUT, I have lots to be happy about, Keli is sleeping next to me right now and I could take a few strokes at her and she would start the tail wagging and purring. But, I leave her alone for right now.

And I still have two arms and two legs, still can see and hear pretty well. The Big D hasn’t really made my life miserable yet, am very thankful for that! Gonna see if I can make it to the kitchen and get something to eat, it IS about 3pm and time to try to make it.

I KNOW a spouse/helpmate would make a BIG difference… ah, maybe someday again.

Life is great!

I am saddened to hear about all the pain you have. Is the pain a Diabetic Neuropathy or do you have RA or another problem that causes this. I’m assuming your taking Oxycontin for the pain. I am a nurse and its sad that you can’t get some help. I had a cat who paased away in July and I know the comfort they bring. I have had bouts of tears and depression since she’s gone. Do you have a laptop by your bed or do you manage to get to your office. I wish you better days ahead. How long are you Diabetic and what meds do you take ?

Who knows where it came from, I have been having problems with pain for years, but nothing like this is. Hahaha, Oxycontin, what a worthless drug. Taking 80MG at a time it sort of took the pain away for about two weeks and then it didn’t matter if I took 200MG, never took the pain away. It is a cheap drug to buy anyway. The stuff I am on is Opana ER 20MG and Opana IR 10MG. The bottle of ER costs $820 a month and the IR costs $1,523 a month. A bottle of Oxycontin only costs a couple hundred. It is cheap stuff that doesn’t work. The Opana is the best the DR and I can come up with so far.

They say taking two of the ER 20MG should last me 11-12 hours. I take 40MG’s of it and 20MG’s of the IR and SIX hours later take another 20MG’s of the IR.

IF I don’t do that, then I am just laying there crying whether I want to or not, the water just runs from my eyes from the pain. I CAN take a LOT of pain, put this stuff is something else. Never knew a person could hurt so much. Haven’t you heard of Opana? It IS EXPENSIVE, I will say that for it! Not like Oxycontin and that other cheap stuff like it and Norco 10/325s.

A laptop? You mean a Notebook? No, I use a 28 inch monitor by the bed.

And in the office at the other end of the house is this one I am on now, a 30 inch monitor.

Which is next the 17 inch Notebook:

Yeah, if you know of a GOOD pain drug, I would appreciate the name of it so I can try it out. Morphine does NOTHING for me. Waste of money and time, doesn't take ANY pain away.

Yes, I AM special, take speed to get tired, take a sleeping pill to be WIDE awake. So, I have to be careful what I take, because lots of times it works BACKWARDS with me.

I have some more strips coming, they will be here this week and I will see how the BS is coming along. Usually it is 115 or below, lots of times in the 80-90s. It just seems to stay there unless I start eating things I don’t normally eat. Sometimes it will run in the 120’s for a while and I will take Metformin for a few days to get it back down. I AM really REALLY lucky about that, I would HATE to have to take Metformin everyday, day in and day out. My BP seems to be about 140/85-90 most of the time, it has been that way for at least 35 years. If I take drugs to lower it to 120/70… oh WOW. NOT good, I can hardly function with it that low. Everybody IS different. Yes, everybody tries to tell us we aren’t, but we are. What is good for you may NOT be good for me. Took me a while to figure that out!

They have been talking to me about my being Diabetic for over 20 years. As long as it stays the way it is, I am NOT going to complain. There are a LOT of people who have their whole life revolve around their being Diabetic. That would be a drag, but just part of life. Once the strips get here, I will start using them the way I have been reading on here in some of the help files. I am glad I found this place, it has already answered some questions for me that I have had about Diabetes. I have a younger brother and Mom both stab themselves everyday with Insulin. Neither are on a pump yet, I don’t think. Diabetes all through my family. :frowning:

Well, that should answer a few of your questions. Any more, just ask.

Yes, MY life is FUN filled! I live it a couple hours per day. On a good day, 4-5 hours, on an EXCEPTIONAL day 8-9 hours but I suffer for 3-4 days in bed after one of THOSE days.

I USED to have a REAL life, but can’t remember what that was like, to just get up, get dressed and GO DO THINGS. I am sure if I were to lose a couple hundred lbs it WOULD make a LOT of difference. But that is going to require a spouse/helpmate to help me do that, to cook me meals that are good for me etc. I have been trying on my own for four years since Ani went to live in a million dollar house (divorced me after 6 years because all I owned was this old house and that old shop and I didn’t make enough money) and I just can’t seem to do it alone. In the meantime, I either live or I die. If I die, then I will get to see what is on the other side of the bright light and people can squabble/argue over the little bit of stuff I own.

Yeah, losing the cat in July must have been a real blow. I like Keli a LOT. When these two cats are gone, no more. That is Keli by the 28 inch monitor by the bed.

Well I am a little confused yet as to the type and cause of your pain. Is it from complications of Diabetes from the last 20 yrs. It appears it runs thru your family. Was your sugars always pretty well controlled or is that just more recently. You don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to but as a nurse I am used to searching a patient history to figure how to help. If weight is an issue is gastric bypass an option. I am very good friends with someone here that has gone that route. It was her last option. How are you able to care for yourself enought to prevent skin breakdown and ulcers. I also have a friend in a hospital in WI since June who lives alone and has massive leg ulcers that they are trying to heal before they amputate. I’m sorry fo asking so many questions = ( but if there is a chance for your life quality to improve, I 'd like to see that happen. What type of shop do you have. You certainly have alot of computers. Just love your cats. Please write back.