Some people honestly just do not realize

maybe this is just me, maybe I’m a little disgruntled diabetic…but i really really loathe when people rant and rave about the delicious super sized ice cream sundae they just ate, or how they just consumed 3 slices of pizza and are still hungry. I’m always left sitting there, thinking to myself…BAH! you lucky fool. (its only been 4 years, but i cant even remember what life was like, how easy it was, to eat anything i wanted whenever i felt like it.)

but what has been particularly bugging me lately- is my mum. last night as i was trying to go to bed, she decided now would be an excelleant time to bake brownies. O_O the smell of fresh baked tastyness wafted into my room and kept me awake for a few hours while i contemplated…dka by brownie consumption. if it’d be worth it. now obviously that’s a bit of a joke, but man did i really want one. i just found it kinda cruel that she made them, knowing i cant eat them. i love my mum but she never remembers i have diabetes. like, today we were in the car- i had just tested my BG cause i felt crappy-242- so shes snacking on some crackers and goes, “want one?”…i had literally just told her my Bg was 242 and i felt lame and she offers me carbs? gahhh so frustrating.

i think overall, i just tend to get really frustrated by people without diabetes, who take food for granted. who don’t have to count carbs, or wonder what the hell did they put in this?-when they order something at a restaurant.

some people say, that diabetes has made there life better, or changed it for the better, and so on. but I’ve yet to have my diabetic epiphany i suppose. cause it still annoys me to no end and makes me feel like ‘one of these things is not like the other’. i don’t know any other diabetics (in actual life, not online). all my friends, family, etc, eat and drink and carry on with there lives so oblivious to their actions. maybe its just me. maybe its not. either way…

i still really want a brownie :confused:

Hi Revvy,
Yes, sometimes Diabetes seems so unfair. I was diagnosed at 10 years old. I have had it for 38 years. I have been wearing a pump for 24 years…once you get used to it and don’t feel so overwhelmed…you will love it. You will be able to eat that brownie :o). You learn how much insulin you need to cover it and you can eat basically anything you want. It makes your life more “normal”. I really wish you had more support from your family. But to this day, my parents don’t know that much. When I was diagnosed things were different…(I’m sure you have heard it before). But the treatment options are sooooo much better and new advances have been made. Just hang in there and you will get the hang of the pump…please don’t let it overwhelm you…it will get better. Then you will wonder how you got along without it.