Some resources for parents

Endocrine Today profiles pediatric endocrinologist H. Peter Chase, author of the “Pink Panther” series of books explaining diabetes. According to the article, these books are aimed at children but have use for adults (parents, caregivers, and clinicians) as well.

At the end of the article are links to Dr. Chase’s “home” centers, The Children’s Diabetes Foundation at Denver and the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.

A friend of mine who is a diabetic nurse for our insurance company gave me this book when my son was first diagnosed. I thought it was extremely helpful and written very simply. It spoke of sick days and ratios and was just readable and informative.Initially, I felt as though I were in information overload and it just seemed to make things easy to understand, doable and practical It answered questions and was very helpful. I actually think it was a better book for me than the ones I got from the hospital . I strongly recommend it - my son never looked at it, but I devoured it!!! Nancy

I remember when I was diagnosed I got that same book! I think I still have it somewhere in a drawer

Thank you Tmana,I will have a look and recommend it to english speaking patients.

Another book that I found fantastic -as a mother of a diabetic child - is " Type 1 Diabetes in children, adolescents and young adults" by Dr Ragna Hanas ISBN 1-85959-153-1.

I use it as reference every time I need to know something or if something happens and I don’t know what to do. It’s a thick book with lots of infomation (too much to take in in one read). On the cover it also say - “How to become an expert on your own diabetes” It also won the New Medical Book for General Reader Award of the Society of Authors and Royal Society of medicine.
Some pages of the book is on Google books to read.

My Pedi Endo (my daughter is type 1 and 14) just recommended this book to me. I have just started reading it. She said it is very similar to the way she does things. So it would be best to read it. Its free and its online. 2 of my favorite things!

My daughter was just recently diagnosed. One of the many things UVA gave us before she was released was this book. Her and I have both read through it and have found it very helpful. She also took it to school so she can teach her classmates about diabetes.