Somogyi? a thing or not?


I made a comment on the Somogyi effect back in 2017.

It was during this thread that I realized that this counter-regulatory response to sustained hypos was not universally shared by others with diabetes.


I’ve heard about it. I’ve also thought I had it. There’s only one way to really treat diabetes correctly. When you change doses from day to day, it should not be more than 4 units max from the previous day. Diabetes management does not do well with sudden big changes. Routine, same time of day, same kind of diet, in other words what works. And not to change it. It’s hard as heck. But it’s true. Most good doctors agree. There’s a time that everything is supposed to be done. And that schedule is supposed to be consistent. Supposed to be. Check with diet, check with time of injections, check with amount taken. It should work theoretically. What I’m saying is you can fix it. The mentioning of the pumps too is worth considering, because they can stop when your blood sugar is dropping also, or increase when it is going high I believe. But I don’t use a pump. Everybody says that it fixes their problems.