Son, what would you tell a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic?

son: “Go on the pump!”

me: “Okay, but besides that, do you have any advice?”

son: “Yes, you put the emla cream on, you put a IV 3000 on top, you wait for an hour, take off the cream, take 3 alcohol swabs to clean, you wipe with an IV Prep, let it dry, sometimes SkinTac, let it dry and then put the infusion set, sometimes it hurts a little bit and then you have to fill the cannula. That’s it.”

It really is simple!

Okay, now are you convinced he likes the pump? I would have thought he would have said something else than just talking about the pump. Kids are so funny in their spontaneity!

Yes Gina Kids are funny and adapt quickly to new things.My love to your sweet son.

I-yie-yie, that’s going to be us soon. Hope it goes a smoothly!