My son has diabetes sinces July 2007. In which I had to learn ever thing on my on. I currently live in Saudi. since that time.he has gone from taking four shots a day to the pump.He has been on the pump for about two months,but I have had promblems with this is the frist time they have had the pump here so the doctors are learning too.My son eats his breasfast
His BG would be 100 but,two hours later he would go to 250 and have to bolus.Also does anyone out there know how they base the basil rate?They have taught us the basic we still use nomal bolus. Help me before I go crazy. My son is 15 years of age but some time I think he is 5.


Get the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh. It will answer most, if not all, your questions.

I agree, get that book. It will help you set his carb ratios, basals, everything you need. Once you get his numbers stable if you see big post breakfast spikes it might be what he is eating for breakfast. There are some foods that just don’t work for some diabetics. I can’t eat cereal or bagels or I will end up with a blood sugar in the 200s.

Hang in there mom, it will get easier for both of you. I think most of us had issues getting use to a pump.

Thank for your comments. He is on the Minimed Paradigm-522 I will order this book.We have had this promblem for awhile now doctor told me to give his 30 min before his breafast and to see what that would do. so far the same.He eats 1 hotdog bun with 1 boiled egg with hot sauce one glass of sugar free tang (no carb) half a banana which totals up to 35 carb. this is drive me crazy. Doctor say i’am to controlling but I tell him this is my son life. If I teach him good control now maybe he won’t have promblems when he is older.

His carb ratio in the morning is 9 for ever 1 unit of insl I don’t know how they figure out all this.
example Basil insulin dose 12-4 is .4 4-7 is .8 7-14 is .6 14-20 is.9and from 20-24 is .4
His CHO for 1 unit of 12-5is 25 5-11 is 9 11-15 is12 21-24 is 20
His ISF 12-5 70 5-11 45 11-15 60 15-21 50 21-24 70