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so… I ran out of my long acting insulin because of some insurance trouble/missed appointment stuff… what should i do? i have humalog to take but does it work to keep ketones away? i have moderate ketones at the moment and just took some humalog and drank 2 huge cups of water… any recommendations guys? im thinking of going to walmart to get whatever long acting insulin they’ve got to give without a prescription… I’m on MDI btw…

I believe you can get Humulin N and Novolin R at Walmart. Humulin N is an intermediate length insulin and Novolin R is fast-acting. As to HOW to use them, I don’t know. I’ve only been a Type one for 8 years and have never had occasion to use them. Just enter the names of the insulin and you can find posts that mention them.

Yes, if you regularly inject and check your BG.

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I believe they have NPH.

They do:

Note that N has quite different activity profile from Lantus. I was on R/N for 20 years (hated it) and found it more difficult to deal with, but the key thing is you have to eat when that stuff peaks, not when you feel like it. But it’s doable–some people even prefer it. Dunno if this is the most recent thread on it here but it has the effect chart I was looking for (1st reply):

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Call your doctor’s office after hours line. I would be surprised if they don’t have samples of whatever long-acting insulin you use and can’t just give you a vial since this is an emergency.


What basal insulin do you need?

Thanks everyone for the replies! Thankfully, my doctor got things figured out and switched brands from lantus to basaglar basal insulin.