I look after a gentleman who has M.S for 35 years and is Diabetic Type 11. He has been eating the same diet for years:

Breakfast; Porridge, Tea, Slice of Brown Toast, Cranbeery Juice Small Glass.

Lunch: Small Bowl of Soup with Vegetables and Fortisip Mixe (Protein Drink)

Evening Meal: Small Cooked meal of Chicken / Fish with Vegetables or Vegetables with Pasta.

When doing his blood sugars at night they spike and go up between 9.5 - 10.7 before he has eaten his evening meal.

Morning they between 4.2 - 5.7.

There seems no apparent reason for this and I was wondering whether anyone could throw any light on this as I am at a total loss. I am an educated person and can understand medical magazines and articles and I have tried to look for answer in a Physiological Text Books but no luck so far. i would be gald of any advice and guidance.