Splitting for Basal

Hi troops
I’m coming off on insulin pump and hoping to transition to Levemir. For those of you who are on it and splitting the dose are you doing a true 12 hours split. Listening to Dr. Bernstein he finds balance doing bed time and waking up with would be much shorter. Also curious if the two injections are equal since my pump rate goes down at night seems strange they would be the same. Would love any thoughts, recommendation, experience. Feeling excited to unplug but worried about trouble shooting this next phase.

I split it but don’t do exactly 12 hours apart. It’s hard to do that, at least for me, because I find I need to take it at 9pm earliest for it to last till morning and 9am or later isn’t a convenient time to take the morning shot. I also find a bit of overlap in the morning helps quash DP, so I’ll take it earlier. You just have to see how it works for you. I find it starts wearing thin by the evening, but usually I can compensate by taking a bit more for dinner or with a unit of Regular insulin to cover the gap. There are days I take a larger dose of Levemir because I know they are going to be stressful at work, and on those days I will take it even earlier in the morning and it will last longer. The beauty of Levemir is you can adjust the dose every time you take it. I think it’s the best alternative to a pump if your basal needs aren’t the same every day or during the day and at night. Definitely no need for doses to be equal or even the same every time you inject.

Thank you I’m really hoping it’s going to give me my life back. The pump and my job aren’t mixing well at all. I appreciate your feedback.

I’m on Lantus but I do a split dose as well. I take mine at 7 am and 5 pm. I take a slightly bigger dose at 5 to cover me through dinner and the over night.