Square/dual wave

How much of dual & square wave do you use. I have gastroparesis and am trying to match my insulin needs when food digests.

I use it a fair amount.

  1. If my bg’s are a little low when I am starting to eat, but I don’t want all of my insulin delayed (or I might forget to bolus after dinner), so I’ll take a small amount up front and the remainder spread out for 1/2 hour or so. works pretty well. And that would be the DUAL wave; not the square one, for that purpose.

  2. Dual for pizza, spread out roughly 2 hours.


Similar here.

I was trending low last night, so I used a square wave over 30 minutes to cover the meal I was about to eat.

For me, I like to use the dual wave for pizza, but I find that I have to spread out the remainder over 4.5 hours. When I use 2.5 hours, I tend to run low and then 4 - 5 hours later, I;m running way high. YDMV!

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I no longer use dual and square wave, but when I did, I loved doing it at night to cover a late meal, I would go square over an extended period while I slept.

I often use a manual bolus at bedtime, squared over 5-6 hours, regardless of when I have my last meal. It keeps the waking bg surge at bay.

I’ve also found that squaring a mealtime bolus over a longer period of time works better for me. I don’t eat carb-heavy meals anymore, and using square instead of dual or all at once keeps the tank from running dry before I finish eating.

That’s the way I’m eating right now. After that bout with gastroparesis I am being really careful. My bloodsugars are better and it makes me feel better. I am having numbers like of someone without D.